Bali is a country with incredible weather, scenery and culture. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful yoga retreat, fun beach bars or a cultural holiday, Bali has different options to suit you. Below are my favorite places to visit which offer culture and an opportunity to enrich your mind and body. I’ve also written my personal choices for the best places to eat and drink.

Mind and Body

Bali is one of the most peaceful and naturally beautiful places on earth and is one of the top destinations for those looking to nurture their spiritual and physical health. There’s plenty of places to practice yoga and learn about the culture.

Practice Yoga

There are places all over Bali to meditate and clear the mind and it really helps to practice yoga when surrounded by stunning scenery. One of my favorite places for yoga classes is The Yoga Barn, which allows you to practice a huge range of styles.


Sacred Monkey Forest

Here in Ubud you can walk through sacred temples and stunning greenery littered with little monkeys. The temples are beautiful to just walk around without the monkeys, but they make it a lot more entertaining. You can take some funny photos and have a great time with the monkeys, but you need to be careful and follow the rules. Make sure you put your phone, wallet and sunglasses out of reach for any mischievous simians.

monkey sanctuary

Pura Taman Saraswati Temple
Pura Taman Saraswati is a Hindu temple in Ubud, dedicated to the Hindu goddess of knowledge and arts, Saraswati. It is free to enter the temple and it is famous for its ponds filled with beautiful lotus flowers.
Pura Taman Saraswati
Bali Spirit Festival

This is also in Ubud, and you can visit it in March or April. The event is a display of art, music and culture with performers arriving from over the globe to celebrate.

bali festival

Beach Clubs

Bali is scattered with stunning beach bars where you can spend the evening taking in the incredible sunset whilst sipping a cocktail. Below are some of the best beach clubs to visit in Bali.

Ku De Ta 

Based in Kuta, Ku De Ta is one of the most iconic bars in Bali. It’s right by the sea and is famous for its stunning views.

Potato Head Beach Club

This is a slightly quieter bar in Seminyak that has an infinity pool, and bar that you can swim to, and live music.

potato head bali restaurant

La Plancha

This bar is also in Seminyak, which has really cool design in a kind of surfer style. There’s also beanbags – as if the beach wasn’t relaxing enough!

Food and Drink

Bali is famous for its delicious cuisine which is available at incredible prices. Below are my favorite places to visit.

Café Organic

Café Organic is a great place to start the day with a tasty coffee and wonderful breakfast. There’s a really friendly vibe in here and it’s a popular place for travellers.

cafe organic

Ginger Moon
Ginger Moon is a modern restaurant which serves up quality Asian dishes. This is perfect for anyone looking to delve right into the traditional Balinese cuisine.Ayana ResortAyana Resort is more of an evening/nighttime restaurant and there are tables which are perfect for a picturesque meal at sunset. Often you’ll also be treated to live music which creates a really fun atmosphere.So that’s the roundup of my favorite things to do in Bali! But don’t forget, there’s so much more to do and places to explore!


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