Loose waves are one of my favourite go-to styles which is always in fashion. This summery look encapsulates natural beauty and an easy-going lifestyle. There aren’t many people whose hair naturally forms these gentle curls, but they can be achieved in just under 10 minutes. There’s a variety of different ways to get these gorgeous waves, and we’ve summarized the 4 best ways below.

loose waves hairstyle

Overnight Headband

If you’re short on time, this is a simple trick that takes just a few minutes before bed and then you can wake up with stunning waves.

  1. Brush your hair
  2. Slightly dampen your hair by splashing water on it
  3. Add mousse to your hair
  4. Put on your headband
  5. Loop hair around your headband
  6. Keep looping the hair around moving it back across the headband.
  7. Pin your hair to keep it secure
  8. Spray hair with hairspray
  9. Go to sleep
  10. Wake up and remove your headband and enjoy your beautiful waves.

To see a visual demonstration of this technique click here.

Hot Rollers

If you’re looking for a bit more bounce in your waves then hot rollers are the choice for you. They’re simple to use and are a great trick to get curls with little effort.

  1. Add one 1.5 inch roller to the front of your hair
  2. Insert the pin so it is facing forward
  3. Repeat this moving backwards across your head so you have multiple rollers attached
  4. Add more rollers to the sides of your head
  5. Clip all the rollers into place
  6. Spray your hair all over
  7. Wait a few minutes
  8. Remove rollers and release your bouncy waves.

Curling Iron

Heat styling with a curling iron is one of the most common hairs to curl your hair.

  1. Brush your hair so there aren’t any tangles
  2. Turn the curling iron to the appropriate heat. For thinner hair use a low setting.
  3. Clamp a section in the middle of your hair and curl it upward
  4. Repeat the around your head
  5. Comb your hair and add a final bit of hairspray.


Braids help to create an amazing wavy texture to straight hair. All you need is a bottle of mousse and a hairdryer and follow the following steps:

  1. Apply mousse to your roots and spread it down to the middle of your hair.
  2. Dry your hair approximately 75% of full dryness.
  3. Braid your hair
  4. Loosen the braids
  5. Blow-dry the remaining 25% of wetness
  6. Completely unravel the braids
  7. Admire your stunning loose waves.

All of these methods work amazingly to get beautiful wavy hair. Try them out and see which one works best for you and you’ll have a simple, go-to style for when you want to mix things up.


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