The first of October, otherwise known as ‘central heating day’, is when a lot of people will be switching on their heating for the first time since the summer, and it is fast approaching. Central heating is undoubtedly wonderful, but the bills that come with it can be less so!

Choosing a heating system for your home that is right can help you to save a great deal of money and stay warmer.


Using Your Heating Controls Effectively

These clever tricks will help you to use your heating more efficiently and lower your energy bills:

  1. Use your thermostat. Heating systems heat at a constant speed no matter what temperature you have selected so all this will do is make your room too hot and use energy that you don’t need to. Set your thermostat to your ideal room temperature instead. You should also ensure that your thermostat isn’t in a drafty location or blocked by any furnishings, as this will hamper its ability to tell the temperature.
  2. Thermostatic radiator valves mean that you can turn off radiators in rooms you aren’t using, in turn, saving energy.
  3. Use a timer. Set your heating to come on thirty minutes before you usually wake up, and thirty minutes before you usually get home so that your home is at the right temperature. Don’t leave your heating on all day as this will waste energy unnecessarily.

Consider Your Room Type

If you are installing or upgrading a heating system, it’s a good idea to consider the type of property that you have when choosing your radiators. For example, if you have high ceilings, then it would make sense to get ‘column’ style radiators, which are taller, have a bigger surface area, and will heat a room with high ceilings more effectively.

Column radiators also lend themselves really well to being fitted underneath large windows, as they can be installed either horizontally or vertically, and a lot of people like them because of the quirky ‘retro’ feel that they can give to a room. Generally, column radiators will be available in a range of colors so you can get the one that best matches your room. A specialist like Warmrooms will be able to talk to you about what type of radiator is the best for your room.

Open Plan Rooms

open plan

The invention of central heating has influenced the way that modern homes are built. When people were reliant on an open fire for heat, homes were generally made up of a lot of small rooms that could be easily sealed off so that only the room the family were using needed to be heated.

With central heating, we are now able to have much more open style homes. If you have an open plan home, it can be difficult to heat if you haven’t got the right insulation. If you are having this problem, consider investing in insulation, draft excluders, and thick lined curtains to keep the heat inside your room where you want it.

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