How to Avoid Mosquito Bites When Travelling

Mosquitoes are one of the biggest irritants when travelling to certain areas of the world. Mosquitoes are particularly prevalent in south-east Asia including Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Phillipines and South America including Brazil. Mosquitoes often don’t carry disease, but in some areas they are deadly. Here are our top tips for avoiding mosquito bites when you’re travelling. (more…)

Top Tips for Travelling to Bali Alone

Bali is a country with incredible weather, scenery and culture. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful yoga retreat, fun beach bars or a cultural holiday, Bali has different options to suit you. Below are my favorite places to visit which offer culture and an opportunity to enrich your mind and body. I’ve also written my personal choices for the best places to eat and drink.


santa beach

10 Best Tropical Christmas Destinations

For most people, Christmas time is a time to wrap up warm and spend time at home with family and friends. For others, there’s an opportunity to build a snowman out of sand, explore a new country, or chill on the beach. Below are my 10 favorite holiday destinations for any travellers this Christmas.  (more…)