Women who are born with flat, uneven, or non-existent lashes often turn to lash extensions. Some just let them be as they are, while others go for glue-on lashes. Either way, there are so many different solutions that you can go for. Every option is different in price, shape, material, and in the level of maintenance. If you want to know more about lashes and lash extensions, then keep on reading!

1. Ask Yourself: Do You Need a Permanent Solution?

If you are someone who needs a long-lasting solution for your wedding day, your honeymoon, or any special occasion, lash extensions will suit you the best. A certified esthetician will apply these at a salon, and once they are properly done, they can last for 3-5 weeks to come.

However, if you already have naturally long lashes, you can rock your trustworthy mascara. If you end up wishing for some additional volume, you can go for glue-on lashes. Unfortunately, these are not long-lasting, and you will enjoy them for one day only.

2. The Application

A lash esthetician will spend up to 2 hours while applying your lashes. You will have to lay down very still during the application. The lash esthetician will use sterile equipment while gluing your extensions on top of your natural lashes. The process doesn’t hurt and should be done by a professional every 3 weeks. This is great news since you won’t have to do much in the meantime.

On the other hand, glue-on lashes should be applied by you, with a set of lash tweezers, lash glue, and some mascara. Make sure you have a steady and precise hand when doing this step. If you are someone who is clumsy when it comes to these things, then maybe permanent lash extensions are your way to go.

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3. Time-Saving

With eyelash extensions, you will save so much time in the morning since you won’t have to do much with your eye makeup. No reason to curl them since they will look curled already, no reason for mascaras, eye-shadows, or even liners! Simply apply your favorite lipstick, a bit of concealer, and you will be good to go.

With your regular mascara and strip on lashes make sure you are precise early in the morning, and never have your morning coffee since it will make you shaky.

4. The Refill + The Price

Lash extensions need to be refilled every 3-4 weeks. Although they are not a cheap solution, they are still a good idea because you will be saving so much money with your everyday lash products. You will not need any of your previous tools, such as lash boosting oils, curlers, mascaras, or glue-on lashes. You will have to invest only in your lashes, which can range anywhere from $40-150, and in the most inexpensive oil-free makeup remover.

If you go for glue-on lashes, you will have to buy at least 10 pairs per month, which can cost you $50-100. Don’t forget the lash glue, tweezers, mascaras, and a heavy makeup remover.

5. Removing Makeup

The only tricky part regarding lash extensions is that you need to be very patient and gentle with them. You should never tug your eyelid, rub your eyes, or apply heavy pressure. Make sure you use your fingers instead of cotton balls when removing your makeup, and make sure you use lukewarm water. As long as you are not harsh, you won’t struggle with removing your makeup. At the end of every night you can use a disposable mascara wand or a clean spoolie and brush through your lashes. This will make them prepped and set for the next day.

You can remove your makeup if you simply peel off your strip-on lashes and follow along with your daily cleanser. This process might be a bit faster than the one with lash extensions.

6. The Removal

Lastly, you will have to think about the removal process. Here are your options regarding lash extensions:

– You can let them fall out naturally, this is the so-called shedding process, which will happen in 4-6 weeks. However, be aware that you will have to walk with uneven lashes during this time frame. Don’t play around with them on your own, and make sure you are patient.

– You can go to the salon and let a professional remove them for you.

On the other hand, with glue-on lashes, the process can be done by you. Remove your lashes by peeling them off and place them in a lash box. Remove the excess of lash glue with a cotton swab and your favorite makeup remover.

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