All about Sara

I’m Sara. And i think the best way to do this is just to blurt out some facts.

1.  I am born, raised, and living in the desert. (Victorville — Southern California)
2.  I am in love with a city and that is named New York. So if we are ever in a conversation and the chatter starts to slow down, just bring up NYC. Trust me.
3.  My husband and I are adopting and that sort of became my whole heart.
4. My husband, Steve, is the coolest part about my life. He’s also my 2nd shooter. So I guess that makes him the coolest part about my business, too.
5.  I love themed parties and I end up hosting like 5 parties a year.
6.  I carry a deck of cards in my purse and I buy a new deck whenever Steve and I travel to a new city.
7.  I am a traveling homebody. Steve and I have been in many-a-airplane together (some for work, some for leisure) and we love to explore… but dang. we also love to laze on our couch.
8. My favorite show is The Amazing Race but I will never ever sign up to be on it because, c’mon, that’s kind of a nightmare. Dining on frog fallopian tubes and jumping off buildings? No thanks.
9.  Ok, my other favorite show is America’s Funniest Home Videos… and anything that Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling, and Amy Poehler have done or will do in the past, present, and future.
10. We love to decorate and style our home together. Loving where we live is really important to us and we made sure that our home is our favorite place to be.
I’m a photographer because I truly truly love it. I believe in being our own historians so we can pass down memories and reflect as families. I hope so badly that our grandchildren look at our photos and think “Wow! They had so much fun together!” That’s actually kind of my whole philosophy on my photography style.  I want you to recognize yourself in my photos and feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy in front of my camera. Joy is a big one to me. I take pictures of joy more than I take pictures of romance. Don’t get me wrong, romantic photos are awesome and I’ll probably sneak a few in there… but I am all about a beautiful, quirky, stylish, and joyful photo. I photograph the coolest love stories ever told.
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