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Janelle + Travis: Super Stylish and Sweet Desert Engagement Photos

These two desert-born-and-raised-babes happen to be really good friends of ours… and total babes:) They live in Redlands now, but met and fell in love in Apple Valley not too far from where we did their shoot.

We first met Travis at one of our white elephant christmas parties a couple years ago and we knew he was a keeper. Want to know why? Not only did he totally enjoy Janelle despite her crazy matching christmas outfit with her twin sister, Janine, he started cleaning up once the party was over. And he did it without me even noticing. Someone had to tell me later. Now isn’t that the best? We quickly welcomed him into the group;)

There’s just nothing better than seeing one of your best friends completely in love, happy, and adored.  We are so happy we get to go out to Vegas with them in November and not only witness but to photograph their wedding! Janelle, I can’t even imagine how beautiful you will be as a bride without my brain exploding. CAN’T WAIT!!

Fun little outfit change!

makeup: Blush By M Marie 

July 28, 2014 - 11:45 am

I am a mom, but… » And That Makes Three blog - [...] friends snapped a few family photos of us at THEIR engagement shoot. I am so thankful for these photos (and especially the ones I have showing his handsome face). [...]

Chad + Kristin: Lavender Backyard Wedding in Redlands. Also, PIZZA!

Chad and Kristin’s beautifully lavender and sweet summer wedding was wonderful from beginning to end.
What you need to know: this couple is sweeter than sweet, super in love, generous and kind, wonderful to all of their friends and family, and super fun together! Their wedding was full of a lot of sweet moments like reading their personal vows during the first look, Chad reading out of Kristin’s fathers bible at the ceremony, a foot washing ceremony at the reception, and pizza with bottled coke served for dinner!


RECEPTION TIME!!! Nothing better than pizza and glass bottle coke!

The bride wore her mother’s veil for the ceremony and changed into this awesome headpiece for the reception. loved it.








July 11, 2014 - 7:17 am

jessica thornton - Totally love the joy and adoring looks! Precious!

A Desert Maternity: The Anderson’s are adding their 4th boy SOON!

Peter, Sarah, Cooper, Micah, and Owen are quickly becoming one of our favorites families. I knew them (back when they were just Peter & Sarah) when they lived in Kingsburg and are so happy that God brought them not only to the high desert but to OUR CHURCH. Peter is now on staff for the Apple Valley campus but works during the week in the same building as my husband. Now Sarah and I get to enjoy the staff wives events together and tuesdays with our incredible small group!
Peter and Sarah are an amazing example of parenting for Steve and I. Their 3 boys are each so unique, adorable, polite, and crazy in their own way.  We just love them. Sarah’s is due with their 4th baby boy IN ONE WEEK (she was 11 days away in the photos). We just can’t wait to meet him and witness all the love around him!

Since they just moved here last year I was determined to give them an authentic desert photo shoot. Here it is!


May 27, 2014 - 5:13 pm

Steve - It was such a fun time hanging out with this family. Great job on the photos love!

Sweet brother and sister photos at the park

You guys… For awhile there I stopped doing family photos because I wanted to focus more on love stories. But now that Steve and I are in the adoption process I’ve realized that growing a family IS a love story. Family is something to cherish. Littles one are to be cherished. And little ones need to be photographed… especially when they are as cute, and sweet, and kind, and fun, and loving, and polite, and as imaginative as Jade and Seth!

I loved spending the afternoon with Claudia’s beautiful children. I wondered if they would be shy / need a lot of time to warm up, but nope! As soon as I stepped out of my car door Jade welcomed me with a “Hi Sara!” and then little guy Seth walked around and gave me a hug. Now that’s a good start! Throughout the whole shoot  if I got too far ahead of Seth he would yell “Wait for me Sara!!!” and then grab my hand when he finally caught up. What little lover bugs!


Seth was listening for dinosaurs:)




Claudia, thank you for letting me spend the afternoon photographing your kids! You’re a great mama! Can’t wait to see you at The Happening Collective Workshop in 2 weeks!

May 22, 2014 - 1:52 pm

Jessica Thornton - These are beautiful! Love their cheeks!

May 24, 2014 - 10:45 am

Jess - Omg, yes, do more family photos missy! These are gorgeous. That one where he is squeezing his sister makes my heart explode!

May 24, 2014 - 8:10 pm

Regina acosta - I love your work sara. .. I have been looking for someone to take pictures of me and my princess. Love to hear from you! Thanks

Sara + Aaron: Antique Station Wedding Photos

This wedding so unique, special, and full of firsts!
For starters, it was a morning wedding that ended around 2. We had plenty of time left, so I dragged Aaron and Sara (a.k.a. Saaron) out to the desert to take some rad photos around my favorite antique shops after their nuptials! It was SO FUN! After a busy wedding season it was so refreshing to do something 100% different and unconventional. We even went to Starbucks first with them all dressed up! How awesome is that? These two are sports, man. Let me tell you!


Have I left you feeling inspired? I know I sure am!

Thanks for letting us do something a little crazy after your wedding! I so appreciate how down you guys were for anything! I hope you love the photos even half as much as I do:)