Our Love Story (S+S)

We grew up in the same town and in the same church.
His best friend growing up was my babysitters son… so we played in the same house for years.
He was a fan of my brothers band… and I danced along from the crowd.
He took a class at our church and sat at the same table as my parents.
I attended his best friends wedding and I sat at the same table as his parents.
On halloween of 2010 we talked for the very first time. 
I became his girlfriend a month later, and his wife 8 months after that.
We love living life together now:)

“I thank my God every time I remember you…” Philippians 1:3 

With our brothers enjoying breakfast in bed…

My photo is from Halloween…. Steve’s was just a regular day. Haha!

Using our imaginations and dressing up!

Just chillin’…..

Kindergarten was pretty good to me, but man, 4-6th grade WAS NOT. Yikes!

Steve expressed himself through his hair! Hahaha!!!

Senior photos!!! YIKES AGAIN! HAHAHAHA

Being silly with our best friends…

July 28, 2013 - 7:13 pm

robyncal - I miss my friend

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