Florence + Seng: A Beautiful Oak Tree and Olive Grove Wedding

Highland Springs Resort Wedding by Sara Lucero

You know those weddings where everything just sort of WORKS? Yeah, they’re pretty rare. This wedding day was such a delight for us to photograph. Here are some reasons why:

1- Traffic free commute
2- We got there early and had time to grub
3- Perfect pre-fall weather
4- Florence was flawless
5- Seng was so relaxed and fun to be around
6- Florence and her family are part French and spoke to each other in French all day long
7- Florence had a beautiful and untraditional wedding dress
8- We found larger than life cacti that made me feel like I was in Honey I Shrunk The Kids
9- We had time for everything we needed
10- There were desserts galore

I don’t know if you’ll be able to understand how happy I was to hear French spoken so beautifully around me all day. I couldn’t believe that I was able to understand a little of their conversations (Thanks to my high school French teacher Mrs. Lovelace) but when I tried to answer back I couldn’t even form words or get my tongue to move! It was hilarious and pitiful. I think I even responded in Spanish a few times. YIKES.
Florence actually had friends fly out from France to attend her wedding! It was so easy to tell that Flo + Seng are deeply loved.

Their first look was really special and they both admitted to getting more emotional than they thought possible! A first look is such a great way to embrace the wedding day (and each other). Gosh, they just make me so happy!

Badgley Mischka and Prada… the girl knows how to wear a pair of shoes! Let me tell you.
She really couldn’t have looked prettier. I loved her excited expression as we walked up to the First Look!
Florence was decked out in the most beautiful jewels from BHLDN; Anthropologie’s sister brand.
^^^ The guy 3rd from the left has my favorite smile. Ever! Steve and I were cracking up when editing these! How happy does that expression make you?!

Thanks for having us, Florence + Seng!! We are so happy you picked US to photograph your wedding day!

Venue: Highland Springs Resort
Rings: Cartier
Brides jewelry: BHLDN


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    Gosh Sara, you nailed this wedding! I can’t believe how great those locations are that you got to take Florence+Seng’s portraits in too. I would be blowing those up in canvases all over my house!!