I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving yesterday! One of the BIGGEST things I am most thankful for is that I no longer work in retail. Last night before I fell asleep around 1 am, I prayed for my fellow sears co-workers who would be driving to work in 4 short hours to work a long day of full  register lines, unruly shoppers, food court lunch and dinner breaks, and sleepy eyes. Those are not good days. I worked 5 Black Fridays in the Sears Electronics department and those 12 hour shifts were absolutely dreadful. THANK YOU JESUS FOR GETTING ME THROUGH THAT PHASE! My heart and prayers seriously go out to all those people working today!!
Haha That’s kind of a weird way to start a blog post but it was on my mind!!

WELL! Yesterday Steve and I slept in and then enjoyed an early dinner with my folks and then dessert with his! It was a long day full of food, family, and photos. So yeah, a pretty good day! Here are some of my favorite photos from my parents backyard (plus a mini shoot of my brothers family!) You can also see lots more of my on the go photos via my instagram!

How cute are Steve and Kaydence? Or, “Uncle Weeve” ask she calls him!
And this is my brother Greg, baby Kensington, Kaydence, and my sister in law Kristina!
Awkward, blurry, and impromptu family group shot that was self timed and set up on a counter! Gotta love it. This is the best we got! Hahahah!
OH and those are my parents dogs! The tiniest poodle (Teddy) and a big ol australian  shepherd and akita mix (Bonzai)!
Laughing hard and enjoying my mama!
The many sweet faces of my niece Kaydence!


Kira- please email me at with your ¬†address so your new awesome mug from Peachy Apricot can be on it’s way to YOU!!
*I picked a winner by taking the order of comments and spelling out T-R-E-A-T-Y-O-S-E-L-F and since Kira had an extra entry via twitter the “F” landed on her!!
Thanks to everyone who entered! I was so inspired to read what you were thankful for! Man, what great lives we lead!!


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