Sara + Steve + Christmas + New York!


That’s right!! Oh my gosh I can hardly believe its true!! Steve and I are going to New York for Christmastime!! What a dream!
I’ve been to NYC twice.. Once when I was 18 and once when I was 19 with my best friend Liana.
This is about to get cheesy, but I found my heart in New York City. I love so much about that city. The fact that I get to take my husband there and show him around my favorite place in the world in 17 days makes me so JOYFUL!

We just booked the trip yesterday so unfortunately we missed the punch on Late Night Jimmy Fallon tickets :( We really really wanted to do that. Anyone ever have any luck getting a band bench seat on the show? We might try for that! Even if Jimmy doesn’t work out WE HAVE SO MUCH TO DO AND ONLY 4 DAYS TO DO IT ALL!

Last night we went shopping for beanies, gloves, and a warm coat for Steve. We know we are going to freeze our California butts off but to experience Christmas in NY will be more than worth it!! I even made Steve watch Elf last night and point out all the places he wanted to visit. Haha. I’m a little excited!!

If anyone has any tips for a Christmas trip to New York please let me know! Eeeeek!! :)

I know everyone wants to think about thanksgiving since it is only 2 days away but we have been in a christmas state of mind since we decorated our house LAST FRIDAY!!! You can follow our Christmas transformations on instagram with #ChristmasLuceros or follow @SaraLucero @SteveLucero


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    You must must must go to Max Brenner’s (it’s in Union Square) while you’re there! It’s like the adult version of Willy Wonka where they serve dinner but are known for their chocolate desserts (let’s just say that the menu is a bound book!) and drinks. I always go just for dessert. There’s only a few across the globe so I always make sure to go when I’m in the city.
    Also, check out the bookstore The Strand, also near Union Square. It’s a used and new bookstore that is stories tall! So great!

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    NYC is the best and I tell my husband once a week I am going to take him soon. Ride the Staton Island Ferry to view the skyline from the water. It is absolutely breathtaking. Don’t eat the hot dogs under any circumstances-ick 😉 The best pizza is at Joe’s Pizza…and everyone there will tell you that! Have so much fun Sara!