Alanna & Matt: Engaged


Alanna and Matt are awesome. This couple, man. People like them are what make my heart pitter patter with every shutter click. I know that’s cheesy, but so so so real.
They are : in real love – sweet to each other – hilarious – stylish – kind – cool – FUN. 

While texting with Alanna about my ideas for their engagement session she told me that she has an inner “Sasha Fierce” and this is her only  “America’s Next Top Model” moment and she was gonna enjoy it!
I LOVE THAT. They totally let loose on this (very chilly) shoot and we all had a blast. They put all their trust in me and allowed me to go crazy (which I am so grateful for)! I was inspired by their silliness as a couple, their beauty, and all of the lines at this run down motel in town!

Thank you to the sugary sweet Emily Barton for her makeup skills! You are a complete joy to work with!
Alanna & Matt- What the heck you guys. We love you and are SOOO excited for your wedding in April!


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