Inspired by this: a Judy Garland quote

Not only am I inspired by the LOOK of this graphic, I absolutely love the message and the woman speaking it. I wouldn’t mind having a wall size mural of this quote hanging in my office.

While running your own business it is SO EASY to look towards what others are doing and subconsciously follow in their footsteps. I shot my 1st wedding in 2010 and honestly.. I had no idea what I was doing. I knew I loved photography and had an adrenaline rush that lasted weeks after that first wedding but as far as a “style” or any sense of business? Yeah, absolutely none. But I kept working.
In 2011 I really began investing in my business. I went to WPPI in March and quit Sears that same day we left for Vegas. I was still working as a hostess at Outback but leaving Sears gave me a lot more time to develop my photography career (and plan my wedding! but that story has already been told). I attended workshops and was constantly online discovering wedding blogs, amazing photographers, and what I liked v.s. what I didn’t like. Looking back I realized how impressionable I was. If someone told me “You have to do this this way…” or “You have to use this software for that..” I would believe them and keep going in THEIR direction.
And thank God for 2012. As of January 1st I was no longer employed by anyone but myself. I relived myself from the mindset of needing to be like others. I ditched the editing style that I so desperately and awkwardly attempted and fulfilled the desire to create joyful, fun, quirky and beautiful photos full of life. The first wedding of 2012 allowed me to be exactly who I want to be as a photographer. Carol and Ethan’s wedding was a turning point in my business. The adrenaline rush continued as I began submitting my work to major wedding blogs and I am so grateful that the Wedding Chicks (yes, THEE Wedding Chicks) featured Carol & Ethan’s wedding on their blog! I am also ECSTATIC to say that an image from their wedding will be featured in the next issue of Southern Weddings Magazine (out Nov. 13)! Dreams are coming true that I never thought possible and I am in awe that God would bless my career and life in the ways he has. I never expected any of this.

So whether you are a budding photographer, business owner, student, mom, etc etc etc. I hope this quote inspires you!

I LOVE QUOTES. Please share your favorite in the comment section below! Share the wealth! 😉


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  1. says

    Love this! The quote that just popped into my head is definitely one of my favorites:
    “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7
    This has spoken to me greatly in my own life!