The Ice Cream Man: My first video!


Steve has one day off a week and trust me.. we LOVE our Friday’s together! We started the day with snoozed alarms and lots of coffee and headed to Home Depot a few hours later. Before we got married I DREADED Home Depot. Why would I ever want to go to a giant warehouse full of tools and fluorescent lights? Well, turns out when you’re going there with your hunk of a husband to do fun projects around the house it ain’t so bad! We even bought a potted succulent bouquet and a darling stand to put it on for the front porch!
Here’s a little instagram picture I took while waiting for Steve….

I took my camera with me to play around with the video functions. I’ve got about 10 minutes of footage from following Steve around Home Depot and close ups of plants. It’s FASCINATING! Luckily when we drove into our neighborhood the ice cream man was doing the same thing! Steve saw my face light up as I walked towards the street and he said “….Really?” and took out his wallet. I LOVE THAT MAN. I grabbed my iPhone and camera just in time. Enjoy this 1 minute long dorky video of us appropriately titled “The Ice Cream Man”… except in French.

I’m thinking about making personal posts more of a weekly thing. What do you think? Anything you want to know about us? Leave it in the comment section! :)




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  1. says

    Oh lord that is so something I would do! LOL. I just haven’t figured out how to cut videos yet ;O). And FYI, choco taco’s are pretty much the best thing ever :O)