Kalie: A sweet and simple Maternity


My cousin is expecting her 3rd baby boy annnny day now! With her first child, Danny, we took her maternity photos 3 days before she gave birth!  We are wondering if she will have the baby 3 days from now to sort of keep up the tradition! I selfishly hope not because Steve and I will be in Seattle for the next 6 days! I’m sad to miss it but over joyed that we were able to find time to do these photos tonight… less than 14 hours from my flight leaving.
These photos are some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken of a woman. So feminine, breezy, airy, simple, and sweet.  And my cousin Kalie is a hot momma obviously!! I think probably 3% of pregnant women look as good as she does. No, maybe 2%.

My sweet cousin- I love you!! Thank you for bringing some of my favorite boys into the world! Whoa… tears… where did that come from? I think it just hit me that my best friend is moving to Tennessee in a few months! I know we’ve talked about it for awhile now, but dang, I’m gonna miss you cuzzo! I sort of want to start saying a bunch of sweet things right now so YOU start crying. Ha. I know your mom is already crying. No doubt about that! Well, I love ya you little weirdo. Enjoy your photos. xo


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  1. Janine says

    Love them Sara! I am so proud of you! You have turned into an amazing photographer and I am proud to say that I have had the honor to have pics taken by you and am in your top 1% ;). You made me want to cry too bc I’ve been in denial about Kalie and it’s getting so real now with her moving soon :(.