Jennifer & Bryce: Married in the rain at Serendipity Gardens


Jennifer and Bryce are the sweetest couple around and they could not have picked a prettier venue. Steve and I pulled up with our jaws dropped. And the best part is that it actually looks like fall in Oak Glen.. which is rare for Southern California! We all enjoyed our beautiful surroundings even though the clouds showered us for about 80% of the day (including the entire outdoor reception). All for the sake of love! :)
Jennifer & Bryce- we were so honored to shoot your beautiful wedding. Thanks!! Enjoy some of our favorite details and moments!

My favorite 1st dance photo of all time.
Their guests were such troopers! I love the napkin pilgrim heads! And this bouquet toss and garter toss was just too fun. Bryce embarrassed his bride in the sweetest and funniest way ever… just look at those garter toss props!

I don’t think when J&B asked their guests to “Sprinkle them with love” they thought they would be in the middle of a sprinkles war path! It was HILARIOUS! I’m so glad Steve caught Bryce with his tongue out catching sprinkles! We laughed for a long time over that photo. And, if you follow me on instagram you’ll see my “after” photo where I had about half of those sprinkles stuck in my hair and glasses. Too funny. Such great memories!
Congrats again Mr. and Mrs. Williams!!



I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving yesterday! One of the BIGGEST things I am most thankful for is that I no longer work in retail. Last night before I fell asleep around 1 am, I prayed for my fellow sears co-workers who would be driving to work in 4 short hours to work a long day of full  register lines, unruly shoppers, food court lunch and dinner breaks, and sleepy eyes. Those are not good days. I worked 5 Black Fridays in the Sears Electronics department and those 12 hour shifts were absolutely dreadful. THANK YOU JESUS FOR GETTING ME THROUGH THAT PHASE! My heart and prayers seriously go out to all those people working today!!
Haha That’s kind of a weird way to start a blog post but it was on my mind!!

WELL! Yesterday Steve and I slept in and then enjoyed an early dinner with my folks and then dessert with his! It was a long day full of food, family, and photos. So yeah, a pretty good day! Here are some of my favorite photos from my parents backyard (plus a mini shoot of my brothers family!) You can also see lots more of my on the go photos via my instagram!

How cute are Steve and Kaydence? Or, “Uncle Weeve” ask she calls him!
And this is my brother Greg, baby Kensington, Kaydence, and my sister in law Kristina!
Awkward, blurry, and impromptu family group shot that was self timed and set up on a counter! Gotta love it. This is the best we got! Hahahah!
OH and those are my parents dogs! The tiniest poodle (Teddy) and a big ol australian  shepherd and akita mix (Bonzai)!
Laughing hard and enjoying my mama!
The many sweet faces of my niece Kaydence!


Kira- please email me at with your  address so your new awesome mug from Peachy Apricot can be on it’s way to YOU!!
*I picked a winner by taking the order of comments and spelling out T-R-E-A-T-Y-O-S-E-L-F and since Kira had an extra entry via twitter the “F” landed on her!!
Thanks to everyone who entered! I was so inspired to read what you were thankful for! Man, what great lives we lead!!

Sara + Steve + Christmas + New York!


That’s right!! Oh my gosh I can hardly believe its true!! Steve and I are going to New York for Christmastime!! What a dream!
I’ve been to NYC twice.. Once when I was 18 and once when I was 19 with my best friend Liana.
This is about to get cheesy, but I found my heart in New York City. I love so much about that city. The fact that I get to take my husband there and show him around my favorite place in the world in 17 days makes me so JOYFUL!

We just booked the trip yesterday so unfortunately we missed the punch on Late Night Jimmy Fallon tickets :( We really really wanted to do that. Anyone ever have any luck getting a band bench seat on the show? We might try for that! Even if Jimmy doesn’t work out WE HAVE SO MUCH TO DO AND ONLY 4 DAYS TO DO IT ALL!

Last night we went shopping for beanies, gloves, and a warm coat for Steve. We know we are going to freeze our California butts off but to experience Christmas in NY will be more than worth it!! I even made Steve watch Elf last night and point out all the places he wanted to visit. Haha. I’m a little excited!!

If anyone has any tips for a Christmas trip to New York please let me know! Eeeeek!! :)

I know everyone wants to think about thanksgiving since it is only 2 days away but we have been in a christmas state of mind since we decorated our house LAST FRIDAY!!! You can follow our Christmas transformations on instagram with #ChristmasLuceros or follow @SaraLucero @SteveLucero

5th Anniversary Edition of Southern Weddings Magazine.. AND I’M IN IT!


Carol & Ethan’s wedding was the first wedding I shot as a full-time photographer and I couldn’t be more blessed to share an image that is oh so special to me. And let me tell you… the ladies behind Southern Weddings are sweeter than pie! Their southern charm has most definitely stolen my heart. They even hand wrote a personalized card to me with the magazine! SO SO SUGARY SWEET. I just love these ladies and they did an incredible job putting together the most beautiful magazine I have ever seen!
Purchase your copy HERE and buy one for a friend too while you’re at it! :)

Alanna & Matt: Engaged


Alanna and Matt are awesome. This couple, man. People like them are what make my heart pitter patter with every shutter click. I know that’s cheesy, but so so so real.
They are : in real love – sweet to each other – hilarious – stylish – kind – cool – FUN. 

While texting with Alanna about my ideas for their engagement session she told me that she has an inner “Sasha Fierce” and this is her only  “America’s Next Top Model” moment and she was gonna enjoy it!
I LOVE THAT. They totally let loose on this (very chilly) shoot and we all had a blast. They put all their trust in me and allowed me to go crazy (which I am so grateful for)! I was inspired by their silliness as a couple, their beauty, and all of the lines at this run down motel in town!

Thank you to the sugary sweet Emily Barton for her makeup skills! You are a complete joy to work with!
Alanna & Matt- What the heck you guys. We love you and are SOOO excited for your wedding in April!


It’s time to TREAT YO SELF!!!
I am just so happy that the holiday season is upon us!! It’s my absolute favorite. AAANNDDD I love giving gifts! I really do. It’s how I show people I love them :)
Steve and I have SO MUCH to be thankful for this year! I’m overwhelmed by the blessings God has given us. I would LOVE to know what you are thankful for this year. And who knows… you may be the one to win this awesome TREAT YO SELF mug I found on Etsy!
We love Parks and Rec if that isn’t obvious. We named our dog Ron Swanson for goodness sake! Any Parks and Rec fan is a friend of mine so I thought this mug was awfully fitting.

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Are you excited? I’M EXCITED!

Inspired by this: an Einstein quote

Some students pursue their senior year in high school with tenacity because they know College applications are right around the corner. Some students get a bad case of  “senioritis” and have mentally checked out before they checked in. I was neither of the two. Unlike most, I actually enjoyed High School. By my junior year I had a lead in the school play (“If a Man Answers”. It’s such a sweet movie from the 60’s with Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin!) and really loved my shift lead job at Johns Incredible Pizza working in party central! Would you believe me if I told you during my training at Johns I had to learn how to make animal balloons? Would you believe me if I said I loved it? Or if I said I still know how to make balloon animals? Can we still be friends……?

It was a pretty good life for a 17 year old. Oh, well, except the part where I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I loved people, being creative, and creating fun memories. I also became very aware that ALL of my friends were planning their 4 year university lives away and I was lost. I never saw myself at a 4-year. Even when I was growing up watching epic 90’s high school movies about Freddy Prince Jr applying at colleges. I never wanted that life.
Teachers, parents, school counselors, and friends were all telling me that you NEED a 4-year degree to be successful. I bought into that.
I opted for community college for 2 and 1/2 years and took a black and white film class my very first semester. (There’s a HUGE foreshadow for this story. Oh wait, you already know I’m a photographer. Whoops. Just play along, k?) I took a handful of dance classes that resulted in a performance at the end of the semester, a french class that I loved, and any class that I could re-use my term paper for “Global Warming”. I also worked a ton of hours at Sears, traveled to Italy and New York City twice, but that’s beside the point.
After receiving my AA, I applied at Cal State LA and was accepted. It didn’t feel right. I  mean, it REALLY didn’t feel right. So, like any logical 21 year old girl I decided to flee the country.  Although I had no experience with children I decided that I was going to be an Au Pair in France or England. I had 2 interested families and the day I said “YES!” to a beautiful family that lived on the beach in Marseille,  Cal State LA said “Yes” to me. On the same day.
My parents eventually talked me into the Cal State and I paid my deposit just as sorrowful as I said “No” to  France. Both options just didn’t feel right and I was so very lost.
About a month later I shot my first wedding.
I was in love with photography more than ever.
I found a way to live a fulfilling and successful life that allowed me to love people, be creative, and create fun memories.
I denied my acceptance to Cal State and I began dreaming out what my life might be like as a photographer.
3 years later and I’m living a life that I NEVER DREAMED would be mine. Married to my dream guy and living my dream job.

I am reminded that not everyones journey looks the same and I am just so thankful that God shut and opened doors for me.

This quote is something I remind myself of daily. I can get envious of girls that are gifted in ways that I am not (*cough cough*   SINGING    *cough cough*), but then I remember that God has given us all amazing talents.
Finding your strengths in life are so empowering. Find what you are good at go full force in that direction!
I hope this quote inspires you!

Jack, Zero, and Scary Teddy: Halloween

Jack, Zero, Scary Teddy costume

My cousin has such a gift.
Let me back up a bit. I love my cousin. Very very much. (You might remember her from her maternity shoot about a month ago). Anywho. I’ve written before about how she was the one who pushed me into photography. I’m so thankful that she saw something in me and encouraged me to pursue it. Well, now I am VERY CLEARLY seeing the gift she has been given!! Kalie made these costumes from SCRATCH. No sample, no pattern, no nothing. Just an idea in her head. I mean who on earth can create costumes like this with no sewing education or sample? She is so creative and absolutely gifted and talented. The quality of her work is amazing and she doesn’t skimp on the details.
If I had it my way Kalie would open up an Etsy store and spend her days crafting away at cool and unique costumes for kids. There has got to be a huge market filled with cool parents who want their kids to be something rad for halloween. And by rad I don’t mean, Spiderman, a pirate, or the Hulk. I’m talking Edgar Allen Poe, The Raven, and Frankenstein (which are all costumes she has made for her kids).
If you guys think Kalie should open up a store PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW ENCOURAGING HER TO DO SO!!

Enjoy this very quick and impromptu photoshoot we did of her boys Danny, Neko, and Brixton as Jack Skellington, Zero, and Scary Teddy! AAAANNNNDDDD…. THERE’S A VIDEO! Danny was just so excited about being Jack that I couldn’t help but film he. He was in character. What 4 year old is in character?? My nephews are awesome.

A very Lucero Halloween!


I LOVE themed parties, you guys. In the last couple of years I’ve thrown a Murder Mystery Party, 90’s party, Where’s Waldo? party, white elephant party, and a thrift store party (probably the best). So when we decided to have over a couple of our favorite couples I knew it had to be themed. As if Halloween isn’t themey enough, right? Haha! We collectively decided to dress in different decades! Steve and I dressed in the 1970’s, Kate was from the 80’s, and Taylor from the 50’s. Jessica and Tim came from a church event and were dressed a very cute Mary Margaret (Once Upon a Time) and a lumberjack! Jared and the other Tim had to come late because they were working so we just let them come as they are. So I guess only 50% of us were dressed to the theme, but still, I loved it.

We ate my favorite chicken tortilla soup, sugar cookies, pumpkin bars, espresso cupcakes, little smokies in a blanket, and the candy that was too good to pass out! While we were eating dinner we created a “pick from the hat” type of game that gave us an action to complete when the doorbell rang with trick-or-treaters. My favorites were: Steve handing out candy using his knuckles instead of finger tips, Taylor doing the chicken dance, and all 4 of us singing “trick or treat! trick or treat! trick or treat! trick or treeeeeat” like a barbershop quartet! The reactions were awkward and hilarious.

Once all 8 of us arrived we played a BRUTAL round of Battle of the Sexes. I am convinced that game was created by men for men. They had the easiest questions like “Where would a woman use a banana clip?” and “What type of makeup requires a wand?” UH DUUUUH. Our questions were “what is the corner piece of a wrestling ring called?” and the differences between baseball leagues, salt water or fresh water fish, and random questions. What the heck? UN-FAIR. And yes, I am a sore loser.  All of us women were.

I made a video of my favorite moments of the night! I am so thankful for the friends that we are blessed with. And it’s fun being around newlyweds! We were all married within the last year and a half!

A very Lucero Halloween from Sara Lucero on Vimeo.

Who is this hippie in my kitchen?

What did you dress up as for Halloween? OR! What was your favorite costume you saw on Halloween?