A black and white sneaky of our wedding inspiration shoot!

Yesterday was one of the high points of my life as a photographer. A team of 12 people came together to help me turn my wildest dream into a living and breathing photo shoot full of joy, love, color, and great food. I am so grateful. I am so blessed. Not every photographer gets the opportunity to shoot exactly what their heart desires. This shoot is a perfect representation of who I am as a photographer. I have to hold off on blogging the images for a bit, but I have to share a beautiful series of black and white images that I honestly love so much I cried. I cried because I am happy. I cried because I am grateful I get to be a photographer. I cried because we created some of my favorite images I have ever taken. I am blessed.

I will posting more of the shoot and rave about all of the individuals who helped make this shoot happen on a later date! Seriously, I cannot wait.

Personal: Our 1 year anniversary in Charlotte, North Carolina!


Steve and I ventured to the sweet south to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! It took months to decide where we wanted to take our  “2nd honeymoon” and we were THIIIIIIS close to booking New York City, but I just had to go somewhere new and Charlotte was on my heart! I just HAD to see it! I’m thankful Steve is so easy going and was down for anything! So, off to Charlotte we went!
***There are a ton of photos in this post… so I apologize in advance… but this blog also serves a collection of memories for me so I couldn’t resist!

We haven’t traveled further than Nevada together, so we were excited for every ounce of this trip! But man, flying is NOT as glamourous as I remember it being. I’m sure I’m completely making up the fact that it was once glamorous in my head… It has to be made up. Has to. I see women walking around the airport and boarding planes in complicated ensembles (high heels at an airport? Insane.) and I question how they do it! Carry-ons, tight spaces, late planes, running to catch connecting flights, sleeping / not sleeping on the plane… I just don’t get it! And yes… Our first flight was delayed 50 minutes and our layover to our connecting flight was only 44 minutes, so you do the math! All in all, we made it to and fro and I really can’t think of a more beautiful sight than being INSIDE A CLOUD. C’mon.

We got a rental car and just explored the city like it was our own! My game plan while traveling is to avoid looking like a tourist… at all costs! So we drove around, found local coffee shops, admired historic mansions on adorably named streets, slept in, attended church, and ate.. a lot!
We LOVED our stay at The Hyatt House in Uptown! Not only were we walking distance from tons of entertainment and good food, but the hotel itself was phenomenal! Such a friendly staff and great decor… oh also, it ALWAYS smells good in the lobby. I’m talking like walking in and instantly going “Ahhhhh….!”

Oh and if you’re wondering, YES! The South COMPLETELY lives up to it’s reputation!
Enjoy our trip photos!
AMELIES! Oh my goodness, Amelies French Bakery was just to die for. I couldn’t have designed a more perfect coffee shop in my wildest dreams! So quirky, so cute, so french, so Marie Antoinette, so yummy. ALL THINGS I LOVE.
We absolutely positively LOVED Amelies!
Then we drove around and found some amazing historic homes off Queens Ave and snapped photos from the passenger seat!
In California this Gold Statue would have a person inside and a tip jar by his feet 😉

We were fortunate enough to catch Pastor Steven Furtick preaching at Elevation Church in Matthews! We really loved the church and it was awesome seeing Charlotteans (<– ?) so pumped to  be at church! The photo below is their “wall of fame”. Every series they’ve taught there was placed on the wall. It was pretty cool!

We watched the storm from the 14th floor many times and completely loved it!

Engaged: Tereneh & Ryan


I love these people! Never have I seen such sweetness and sarcasm wrapped up in one couple! Ha! That’s the perfect recipe for a fun engagement shoot, in my opinion. We were lucky to have Martha for makeup, Ashley for hair, and Aurora for wardrobe and prop styling. Let me tell you.. Tereneh looked FLAWLESS! I kept saying “Do you feel pretty? Because you look gorgeous.” And “OHMYGOSH YOU’RE A GODDESS!” To which Ryan would usually reply “Thank You”.
Congratulations again Ta-nay-nay and Ryan! I can’t wait to see the way God blesses your marriage! Also- Thanks for letting me call you Ta-Nay-Nay… I promise someday I’ll learn how to pronounce Tereneh!

Ryan insisted they do the “wedding thing” while they drink their wine and it was hilarious watching him teach Tereneh! We were all laughing!
p.s. How flawless does Tereneh’s airbrushed face look? Martha, you are amazing!
Ashley you KILLED this hair style!! I could not stop taking pictures of her hair!!! You’re crazy good.
This photo of Tereneh holding her skirt has quickly become one of my favorite photos… ever. So effortlessly beautiful (with lots of effort by Aurora!)

MAKE UP- Martha Does Make Up
HAIR- Ashley Jael
STYLING- Aurora of Vilchis Squared
HEAD BAND- Love Sparkle Pretty

TOP 12 things I’ve learned so far this summer! (and other things too)


Some of these lessons are brand new to me and others I’m learning all over again.How to live with other people

How to use the espresso machine
How to listen
How to cry and say everything in one single moment so you don’t have to harvest it all day
How to defrost, prepare, and cook chicken
How to love others uniquely based on their love language
How to snap out of a funk
How to serve others when thats the last thing you want to do
How to apologize
How to wear lipstick
How to clean my make up brushes
How to miss my husband more than I’ve ever missed him before.

Can you believe it’s already a few days into JULY?!?! I can’t. I really can’t. With the year half way over and my 1 year anniversary exactly 1 month away I cannot help but reminisce. This year has really served us Lucero’s well. We’ve taken little overnight vacations to Palm Springs, Temecula, Newport Beach and next week we are flying to Charlotte! We’ve both never been to the beautiful state of North Carolina and are looking forward to experiencing the sweet sunny south together! Sometimes I can hardly believe this is the life I get to lead… thank you Jesus!

In other news- I haven’t seen my husband in over a week!! Last Friday-Sunday I went to Palm Springs for a best friend trip with “my girls” and Steve left for Summer Camp with our church early Sunday morning. While I am thankful for a girls weekend away and the fact that my husband is an awesome leader/friend/counselor to his cabin I MISS HIM AND JUST WANT OUR NORMAL BORING LIFE BACK! Saturday cannot come quick enough. I’m telling you.I hope all is well and that everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July!
Wow that was a pretty generic sign off, huh?
Ok, well, I love everyone… a lot… how’s that? K. Bye.