Zimmerman Family: Hamming it up at Biola University


I don’t do family shoots as often as I used to, but man, when I do they are of AWESOME families like the Zimmermans!!!
This last school year Steve and I lead a high school bible study with a team of adults and we were lucky enough to get in the same group as Dennis & Kimberly! I was so blessed by Kimberly’s friendship and when she told me her youngest (Kevin) was graduating Biola and wanted photos to help celebrate the weekend I was pumped! Their family is full of fun, love, and a whole lot of SILLY and that is absolutely my favorite kind.
Congrats to Kevin on graduating and landing a job in Student Ministries at HDC with Steve! Looks like we’ll be seeing around a lot more! :)

“This is the coolest family photo EVER!!!” -Me during the shoot
Girls v.s. Boys
Kyle & Kevin both lived at Emerson Hall during their Biola days and it was important for Kimberly to capture her boys in front of the dorm!
Congrats again Kevin + The Zimmerman clan!

Dyllie & Andrew: Peachy Wrightwood Wedding that had me crying all day long.


I think I cried more than the bride did at this wedding. OHMYGOODNESS… I don’t know what came over me. I was so touched by the genuine display of just honest to goodness sweetness and love. Dyllie and Andrew are a young couple but their LOVE for each other is so mature and genuine. During their vows they locked eyes and never looked away… nothing cutesy, nothing funny, just a complete connection between two people as they speak the most important words of their lives! Dyllie told us in her BRIDE OF THE WEEK interview that she was really looking forward to making that covenant before God and it was so apparent. It was an absolutely special day!
So!  As you can imagine, I cried lots.
I cried during the FIRST LOOK…
I cried during the ceremony…
I cried during the Maid of Honor toast…
I cried when the Father of the Bride made a toast…
I cried during the Father Daughter dance…
I WAS A SAPPY SAP MESS. Gosh, God is so good and his love for us astounds me. So thankful that I know what love is because of Him! This wedding will always hold such a special place in my heart. Oh and, I cried as I was culling (selecting my favorites) from the wedding too. Ha! That is not a joke.

Allie, Dyllie’s sister and Maid of Honor, was so attentive and sweet all day long. She really took her role seriously and I could see how much that blessed Dyllie! Sisterhood… gotta love it.

This FIRST LOOK was probably my most favorite FIRST LOOK I’ve done to date. This 1st photo on the right was Dyllie’s sweet expression as she approached her rather dapper groom, Andrew!
These two are just so sweet together and their genuine love is so mature. They embraced right away and both told each other how beautiful they were. And then I cried.

This next picture is my new favorite photo. And yes, I have new favorite photos all the time… but this one, oh man. It’s EVERYTHING.

Who doesn’t love a pre-ceremony game of Dragon? I saw this open field and just had the urge to play! Straight up recess style!

“A cord of three stands is not easily broken.” -Ecc. 4:12
Andrew peaking at his bride during prayer is just as sweet as it gets.
They got a beach cruiser as a wedding gift! How awesome is that? And I love love love this next shot Steve got of Andrew!

Dyllie & Andrew… you two were made for each other. That is so clear. Thank you over and over again for letting Steve and I be a part of this day! We hope you are enjoying BOSTON and we want to have you over as soon as you get back! Let’s talk all about your wedding again and re-live it through these photos! Deal?

Monique & Ernie: Fun loving and MARRIED! An Edwards Mansion Wedding!


Monique and Ernie FINALLY TIED THE KNOT! We met as strangers over a year ago and instantly hit it off. A few months pass by and it’s time for their engagement shoot… and I have never been more pleasantly surprised by STYLE as I was that September day! Bow tie, coral necklace, tutu skirt, striped top, and 2 gigantic smiles…. I was in photographer heaven!
Since then, M&E have continued to pleasantly surprise us with their cute cards in the mail, sweet comments on this blog, and keeping up with us on Facebook! We love how much they love each other.

Monique- You’re a gorgeous woman and I can’t thank you enough for so graciously being my walking talking billboard! You’re the BEST! I am so blessed to have witness you and your handsome Ernie tie the knot and officially become one! Steve and I wish you the best of everything!!!  We really had so much fun laughing and loving with you guys! Please call us when you get the most stylish baby bump ever imaginable! 😉

Ernie and his groomsmen wore custom Barongs which are traditional for Filipino weddings! He was very proud to represent his culture! They wed in a church with a traditional Catholic ceremony and had the best party ever at their Edwards Mansion reception! It was such a fun day!
1- Monique running from the parking lot to her hiding room before the ceremony. I’m not kidding… she literally sprinted!
2- Monique dropping the ring and shocking the priest.
3- Arnie, Ernie’s twin brother and best man, SPLITTING HIS PANTS RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE during an awesome toe-touch for my camera. Yeah, let’s just say there are reasons why I can’t share that picture….. HAHA!!!
4- Monique & Ernie never leaving the dance floor. I think Monique was dancing before they were even announced into the reception. Gosh, I love her.
5- Monique pitching her bouquet in her baseball cap veil. (You’ll see…)

LOVE YOU BOTH! Can’t thank you enough for letting us be your photographers!  We’re so excited you are starting your marriage off in St. Lucia!! HOPE YOU ARE HAVING A BLAST!!!
Sara + Steve

A little bit of our life lately + Baby Owen


What busy days! What wonderful, fruitful, productive, and fun days we’ve been having! I know I say this over and over, but I am truly so blessed to be a photographer and fill my days with all things related!
I spent this last weekend at a Women’s Retreat for my church at Calvary Chapel Bible College and it is soooo beeeaaauuuttttiiiifffuuuulllll there! I photographer all 3 days, decorated, planned and played games, ate lots, and made some beautiful friendships with women I am proud to know! God really did some amazing things that weekend!
The next day Martha (my wonderful make up artist), her husband Justin, and their baby Owen came over for smoothies! I’m not a newborn photographer by any means, but how could I not pull out my camera when this kid is around? My iPhone just wasn’t cutting it! He’s just too cute. And there really isn’t anything sweeter than seeing 2 of your close friends loving parenthood so much (and being really good at it)! Babies really are blessings from God and M&J fully understand that. It’s a beautiful thing! Steve and I are so excited that the 3 of them will be moving in with us for a little while! THAT’S RIGHT!! Our house will be their house in just a couple of weeks! They are in the process of buying a house and we are so excited by the opportunity to open our doors to them when they need it most. AND THERE WILL BE A DARLING LITTLE BABY HANGING OUT OVER HERE 24/7!

I can’t wait to see what next month will hold for the 5 of us! Probably more photo shoots… who are we kidding? xoxoxo!