Dyllie & Andrew: Engaged and in love! Shhh…. we’re at a library!

First of all, if the innocent and playful love expressed in this engagement shoot doesn’t make your heart pitter patter, well, then… I suggest you do some soul searching! ūüėČ ¬†The first photo alone brings me so much joy! Who DOESN’T want a love like that?
Dyllie is an awesome electric guitarist and played in my husband Steve’s worship band while she was in High School. Her boo, Andrew, ¬†also plays the guitar and they are so incredibly and utterly sugary sweet together!¬†I think the best place to meet a guy is at church (I did!) and I think the same goes for meeting clients! Thankful Steve and I get to have relationships with our clients and see them on a weekly basis! It’s kind of a common factor with our couples… i’m just realizing that! Dang, ¬†God is good!
oh p.s.
I wish you all could hear how much giggling went on during this shoot. 100% adorable!


                           HOP SCOTCH!

This next photo is your favorite photo, right Andrew? ūüėČ What a good sport!

Andy Warhol.

Andrew works at a library and I just could’t imagine a place more fitting to end our shoot! Oh, and I love how your eye gets drawn to Dyllie on the photo below!

Dyllie & Andrew!!!! Steve and I had such a fantastic time on this shoot and witnessing the way you two love! You’re gonna LOVE marriage! We’re so excited for you guys! Hope you feel beautiful when you look at these, Dyllie!

A family celebrating 30 years of marriage!


I have so much I want to say about this shoot/family, but I don’t want to keep you from the photos, so here are some highlights:
1- The pretty little lady in the skirt is the pretty little lady that designed my logo and blog! Shannon is incredible and was such a joy to work with! She has an awesome project in the works so make sure to keep an eye on her!
2- Shannon arranged this shoot as a surprise gift to her parents who just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary! She even printed large photos from her parents wedding and used them in the shoot. My very favorite is a side by side as her mom as a bride and herself as a bride. So thoughtful. So sweet.
3- My favorite thing about family shoots is when the family is a little unconventional and 100% true to who they are! This family is so fun and each one of them let their own personality shine! You’ll see……
4- We pretty much laughed all day.

Shannon said… “Today marks thirty years of marriage for my parents! I’m just so excited for them. I always knew that their marriage was solid growing up because of their love and commitment to each other. Yet, I never understood what feat marriage was until I actually GOT married. Needless to say, having parents that have a marriage built upon such a strong foundation in Christ is one of the biggest blessings in my life. They are ultra inspiring and I’m incredibly blessed by them in SO many ways.”

Meet Scott, Shannons incredibly nice and funny husband!

Can anyone guess what we were trying to accomplish in the following photo?

Yeah, it’s supposed to be a “30”!

I can hardly believe this next set of photos happened.. I had to show the whole sequence to make myself (and you guys) believe it! And no, it was not my idea. I know I make my clients do some pretty strange stuff during the shoot, but this one was not one of ’em!

It was also very important for him to have a “shouting at the heavens” photo…

Shannon, thanks again for being such an incredible designer and PERSON! I can’t wait to work with you again!! xo


Hello friends.
This is my 3rd “Bride of the week” post and I’m so happy that I get to share the love stories of my brides! I feel so blessed that I get to be in an industry that exists because of LOVE. I love being around love… it’s cliche and it’s true! It’s an honor to be apart of my brides life as they plan and live out their dream weddings. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I’m a hopeless romantic.
Please enjoy Holly’s LOVE STORY.

Carol & Ethan: Married! Rustic vintage glamour DONE RIGHT! (a Highland Springs Resort wedding)


This wedding was incredible WEEKS before it even began! The mother of the bride is a photographer herself AND a fan of Jasmine Star (who isn’t?) and actually found me through her! God bless j*! The M.O.B kept in contact with me and shared her Pinterest board of her daughters wedding and… I was ecstatic. I mean, this was the wedding I had been waiting for! I was happy just to ATTEND it, let alone be the photographer! They didn’t miss a detail with the rustic vintage glamour theme (yes, that is what I call it) and from the attire to the food – to the good looks – to the sweetness – to the love – to the EVERYTHING was all just delicious! Steve and I had such a blast spending the day with Carol & Ethan and all of their awesome family and friends. So, so so thankful to be a part of this day! ENJOY!
Carol is a total barbie doll bride and her sweetness shined brighter than her beautiful smile all day long!

This shot of the Maid of Honor sitting in the bathroom is one of my favorites from the day.

The precious bridesmaid dress are from BHLDN. I love the black lace that peeks through the bottom.
The Bride wore TOMS to her reception!

This photo of the Bride getting her hair done is another favorite. Her smile stayed that way all day!

My husband, Steve, and the Father of the Bride bonded over their mustaches within the first 5 minutes of the day!

Have you ever seen a more DARLING bride?!
Loved the moments Carol and her momma shared on her wedding day.
Carol bought each bridesmaid a clutch that fits their personalities… so cute.

It really doesn’t get much more stunning….

There was so much JOY with these 2! I’m telling ya, Carol was ALWAYS smiling.

The limo driver overheard the bridesmaids wanting McDonalds, so he drove thru during the ceremony! Now THAT is service!
We were definitely in nature! We all laughed so hard when we noticed a bridesmaids heel stabbed a leaf.

I’ve never seen 2 young people have so much ROMANCE in the way they looked at each other. I was eating it up!

This wedding was the loveliest day!
To Carol & Ethan and Trish & Dan… thank you so much for welcoming Steve & I into your lives on your most special day!! We had a blast witnessing the way you and your entire family LOVED. I hope the laughter and smiles NEVER END! :)
Another special THANK YOU to Jasmine Starfor referring me for this wedding. It was SUCH a good fit and i’ll always have great memories from it! (And photos, but, ya know..)GOD BLESS EVERYONE!!! Ha, i’m a little excited. Can you tell?VENDOR LOVE:

hair: Wendy Trent
makeup: Heidi Otta
shoes: Ivory Just Because Seychelles & TOMS 
bridesmaid dresses: BHLDN 
grooms suit: J. Crew
videography: Sydney Smith & Martha Camos
event design:  Carol Marana / Merriman
event coordinator: Highland Springs
floral design: Helene Gentili
invitation/paper goods: Virginia Smith
DJ: Adam Paz
catering: Highland Springs
cake: Highland Springs