Monthly Archives: January 2012

MY French themed wedding shower!

So I know this is really random and about 6 months late… But today I realized I never shared my lingerie shower!View full post »

My review (aka love gush) about Cirque Du Soleil’s IRIS: a personal post

I want to live inside of Cirque Du Soleil’s IRIS. Steve and I saw the show on January 10th and our jaws were heavyView full post »

1 month with Ron Swanson: a personal post

On December 20, 2011 we adopted a puppy. His name is Ron Swanson. He is adorable. He is funny. He is playful. He isView full post »

BRIDE OF THE WEEK #2: Meet Monique!

ANOTHER BRIDE OF THE WEEK POST! YAY! If you remember, I started a new segment on my blog called “Bride of the WeekView full post »

Ashley & David: Engaged

The first thing you NEED to know about this couple is that David is SUCH a gentlemen! Throughout the day he was helpingView full post »

A baby shower: Owen’s Winter Wonderland

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve also been following the progress of little Owen Davenport! 1st itView full post »


We’re not having a baby. Sorry, just had to throw that out there! We all know whenever a newlywed has anView full post »