MY French themed wedding shower!


So I know this is really random and about 6 months late… But today I realized I never shared my lingerie shower! Too much information? Haha! I’m a newlywed… what did you expect? ūüėČ
(view my vintage carnival bridal shower HERE)
My dear sweet Liana girl (a.k.a. Maid of Honor) threw me this tres chic French themed shower. The theme was a wonderful surprise, and to my delight every attendee dressed the part! If you’re a friend of mine you know that I LOVE themed dress up parties. I don’t know what it is! I JUST LOVE DRESSING UP. Every year my birthday party is a different theme and my friends are always THE BEST sports. Liana is just incredible for making this theme come to life! So so so thankful for my friends and bridesmaids that made this happen for me. I sure felt special!

The shower took place at (what is now) mine and Steve’s house. I was living with my folks at the time and we kicked him out for the weekend and took over the place! I hardly recognize the home in these photos because we’ve changed SO MUCH since then! I’m actually thinking about doing an updated home tour. I don’t know.. maybe.. thinking about it!

Appréciez les photos de la partie!

My friend Ashley purchased these plates for Steve & I and I love-love-love-love-love them too much! London and Paris drawings on each plate. Thanks again Ashley! I think about ya everytime we use them.
Have you ever had a macaroon from Trader Joe’s? Oh me oh my…. prepare for your life to CHANGE.
My favorite movie, Amelie, played in the background!

I have more photos but they are sitting pretty on my iPhone!
It’s so fun looking at these events that prepared me for the biggest day of my life.¬†Crazy thankful for the ladies in my life.

My review (aka love gush) about Cirque Du Soleil’s IRIS: a personal post


I want to live inside of Cirque Du Soleil’s IRIS. Steve and I saw the show on January 10th and our jaws were heavy and our minds were blown. I can’t even begin to describe what a wonderful night we had!

I love all Cirque shows. It’s honestly like watching the most brilliant, bizarre, and beautiful dream. I’m not kidding when I say I would live inside of IRIS if I could. I’ve always been fascinated with the 1920’s and IRIS gave me quite a whimsical insight! I also love the old circuses (hence my bridal shower) and even just the giant Ring Master’s on the side of the stage were getting my heart to pitter patter. I’m telling you… this show couldn’t have been more perfect.

Here is a video from their website (yes, I just watched a bunch of these videos on youtube to try to re-live the show) to give you SOMEWHAT of an idea. Trust me though, the video hardly does it justice. The best part about these shows is that there is something going on in about every quadrant of the stage and it’s so frustrating watching a video of it because the camera can only capture one angle at a time. I really really encourage you all to go see it. Skip out on Starbucks for a month (Steve would never agree to this) and save those pennies! It’s worth it. I promise.

A little advice: never sit floor level at a Cirque Du Soleil show. There is too much to see and too much to be missed when level with the stage. We sat in the first row of the mezzanine and it was the perfect view!

SO! Have you ever seen a Cirque show? What’s your favorite????

AAAAANNNNDDDDD of course there are instagram photos to go along with this post! :)
This is Steves “hurry and take the picture” face.

Did you guys know I wear glasses now? :)

1 month with Ron Swanson: a personal post

Ron Swanson-3

On December 20, 2011 we adopted a puppy. His name is Ron Swanson. He is adorable. He is funny. He is playful. He is sweet. He is a mutt.  He is perfect (perfect means pees on the hard wood floors, right?). He is our baby. We love Ron Swanson!

His nick names: 
Ron Dog
Swan Dog
Ronnie Swannie
and my personal favorite… Ron Dog Millionaire

His favorite activities:
Cuddling with mom & dad
Sleeping on moms face
Bringing rocks inside
When mom & dad give him all his toys at once. (seriously the cutest thing ever. it’s like HAPPY OVERLOAD for him)
Pretending the hard wood floors are lava and avoids them at all cost (except to pee)
Sitting and shaking and getting treats for doing it.

Tweets about Ron Swanson:
“The only downside about my Ron Swanson going potty @ 4am is that this puppy mama can’t fall back asleep!”
“He’s too awesome. Can’t stop taking pictures!”
“Laying in bed with Ron Dog watching commentaries and deleted scenes from Parks and Rec. Perfect morning.”
“I don’t think anyone can cuddle better than this dog ”
“Today’s weird photo of the day is brought to you by my cuddlebug of a dog”
“Now isn’t that the most precious puppy face you ever did see?”
“Steve talking to Ron Swanson the pup.. “go potty. Go potty! I love you, go potty.”

Here are my favorite Instagram photos I took of him from the day we got him til yesterday.

Getting the mail with papa!

I took this photo last night :)


We love life…. what else can I say? We are proud puppy parents!!

BRIDE OF THE WEEK #2: Meet Monique!

ANOTHER BRIDE OF THE WEEK POST! YAY! If you remember, I started a new segment¬†on my blog called¬†‚ÄúBride of the Week‚Ä̬†where I pick a past, future, or current bride of mine and ask them all the fun girly questions we are dying to know about their wedding!
This week I am happy to announce that Monique¬†is our second¬†BRIDE OF THE WEEK! ¬†Monique, thank you so much for taking the time to girl talk with us! You are so quirky and fun and I just KNOW your wedding is going to be a blast to shoot! Last night Steve was talking about how cool it is that we are not only your photographers, but we’re friends now too! I couldn’t agree more! Love you guys!

Ashley & David: Engaged

The first thing you NEED to know about this couple is that David is SUCH a gentlemen! Throughout the day he was helping Ashley in all these little ways that were SO huge to me. For a few photos she had her knee on a bench and before I began shooting he was tucking her skirt underneath her knee to act as padding. So sweet! Sugary sweet, right? You just needed to know that…

Ashley & David- you gorgeous sweetie pies… I had a blast with you and I hope your wedding (next month! ahh!) BLOWS YOUR MINDS! :) Thanks for being such good sports with all my crazy ideas. Now- on to the photos.. .YEEHAW!!!

They have fun!
My favorite:


A baby shower: Owen’s Winter Wonderland

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve also been following the progress of little Owen Davenport!
1st it was his announcement, then it was his mom & dad’s maternity shoot, and today his baby shower!

Martha & Justin… you guys are going to be such good parents. I can’t wait to meet your little one! (As if that isn’t the most obvious thing in the entire world!)

Gotta love when the “auntie to be” writes down the gift list on an iPad!

Me and Mama Martha!

Styled by РBrier Rose Design   and Jaquie Davenport


We’re not having a baby. Sorry, just had to throw that out there! We all know whenever a newlywed has an announcement the FIRST thing we think is “BABY!!!!!!!” Sorry, not this newlywed!

This time last year I had 2 jobs, I interned, I volunteered at our church every other sunday night, and I did photography whenever I was lucky enough to! I was working my butt off and I had big goals in front of me! Well today, I am happy to announce that I am officially a full time photographer! Although I quit my 5 year stint at selling TV’s and appliances for Sears last March(woo woo), I continued ¬†to work a couple days a week at Outback as a host up until last month. I’m really thankful for both of those jobs and the people I was able to meet because of them.
When it comes down to it,¬†God has shown me A LOT of grace… and trust! I fully understand and appreciate that it’s pretty rare to actually get to LIVE YOUR DREAM JOB and I feel crazy blessed to do so. I promise to always give God the glory with my business because without him I am nothing. For reals. And I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be.
****edit**** I wouldn’t be able to live my dream if it weren’t for my amazing husband. He’s my provider, support system, cheerleader (sorry, loves), and best friend. My sugah daddy! ¬†¬†

My last few posts have been about what a great year it has been, and it really really has been! BEST YEAR EVER. ¬†So, in the recent theme ¬†of “looking back”, I decided to give you all some insight into how I got into this crazy photography business in the first place!

Spring 2009- 1st portrait shoot‚Ä®(with a point and shoot camera)
Summer 2009- bought my first SLR (Canon Rebel XSi)
Summer 2010- my first wedding
Spring 2011- Steve bought me a Canon 5D (time to step it up!)
Winter 2011- Full time photographer

I’m realizing now just how awesome it is to see God’s hand guiding (or perhaps pushing) me into photography. In the Spring of 2010 I was at a cross roads in life and had no idea what I wanted to do! I’m pretty sure that happens to every 21 year old. Well, in my case, it was either go to Cal State LA and study psychology or move to France and become an Au Pair… both of which I was really close to. My deposit to Cal State LA was paid and my arrangements were being made with the family I was supposed to live with in France. At the same time. Yes.. Simultaneously. I was a mess! So I began to pray (don’t know why I didn’t think of that sooner!) and the photography doors were swung WIDE open!
In May of 2010 my friend Aurora invited me to 2nd shoot with her at a wedding she had coming up at the end of June. At this point I had only taken photos of my family and about 2-3 other families. I was nervous but very excited to have a camera slung around my neck for the first time at a wedding. A few weeks before the wedding some events transpired that required Aurora to be out of town on the day of the wedding and suddenly the wedding was in my lap. I’d never even 2nd or 3rd or 4th shot at a wedding before and now I was supposed to be the main shooter?! With all the panic in the world finding a home inside my brain, I remembered that I was asking God where he wanted me and he was very clearly showing me. The panic quickly turned into a blessing and my new friends Tim and Jess (now our BFF’s) were there to show me the ropes! Tim came along as my 2nd shooter, and honestly, that wedding has been one of my favorite weddings yet!

This last year has been filled with so many new photography friendships, software and gear upgrades, schooling (the LYON SHOP), opportunities, networking, features on blogs, beautiful weddings, trusting clients, and my very first brand! I’ve made mistakes and learned lessons from them. I’ve been ecstatic when clients love their photos and depressed when I felt I could have done better.  With every blog I read, photo I admire, and client I meet, my addiction to photography continues to grow. I hope that in 2012 every time I introduce myself as a photographer I smile ear to ear just like I do now.

So you know how I keep talking about what a good year we just had? Well, I complied some of my favorite instagram photos (gotta love instagram!) from the summer til now. ¬†It’s mostly me, my husband, our dog, and what I bake… because we are just THAT exciting. But, still.