Gina: a high school Senior with some serious STYLE!

Gina and I had so much fun on this shoot together! She is just so adorable and as soon as I met her I was excited to get this shoot a-rockin’ and a-rollin’! She warned me at the start that she “had no idea what to do” and that i’d have to direct her every step of the way… which I LOVE to do. She not only listened to my suggestions, SHE MADE THEM CUTER! So pro!  I told her a million times she was such a good sport… she did whatever goofy thing I threw at her and looked BEAUTIFUL doing it! It was a lot of  fun watching her progress and get more and more comfortable in front of my camera. What a fun sunday afternoon we had!

Gina- I hope you feel BEAUTIFUL when you look at these! Thank you for trusting me and being playful. This shoot was one of my favorites! xoxo

Can’t you tell we were having fun?

Love her style! I wore heeled oxfords in my wedding and love any girl that sports them! :)


Isn’t she just the cutest little thing you ever did see?!

MY wedding story, photos, and video.

Two months ago I became the luckiest girl in the world. If you guys follow my blog you know that one of my favorite things to “talk” about is how awesome my husband Steve is. He’s a man of God, crazy good looking, funny as all else, AND plays cards with me. Soooo yeah…. PRETTY AWESOME.

Our wedding was perfect. My very favorite part was seeing EVERYONE. The whole time planning the wedding I was so obsessed with the ceremony and choregraphing our dance and doing crafts that it somehow slipped my mind that I was going to be in a room with my closest friends (shout out to Glynna, Renata, Koby, and Gerty for flying in from Oklahoma and Washington to be with us) and the 300 people we love most in the world. BLESSED. B-L-E-S-S-E-D. I wish we could throw a party every year and have the exact same guest list.

The day started with fingers and toes with my bridesmaids and momma bear followed by a delicious brunch (coffee cupcakes yummmm) at my folks house. The conversations went ’round and ’round the table and I told every girl why she was special to me. I enjoyed every second of it. After brunch we packed up the cars and went to my friends mom’s BEAUTIFUL home to get ready in. Emma, thank you so so so so much for opening up your gorgeous home. I couldn’t have pictured us anywhere else. I was blessed to have my now sister-in-law do my hair and one of my best friends/bridesmaids/make-up artists Martha do my makeup! I totally recommend using vendor you are comfortable with and WANT to be around because it made the day so smooth and comfortable.

We did a first look which was completely sweet and just what we needed. Steve told me he was nervous all day and as soon as he saw me for the first time he was completely at ease and the nerves quickly turned into excitement!  Thats exactly what a bride wants to hear! Well, that, and a few compliments mixed in there… which he delivered perfectly! :)

45 minutes before the ceremony our bridal party and family all joined together for dinner at the church. It was nice to sit.  Turns out getting married in August in a big ‘ol dress makes you a little fatigue! During this time my bridesmaids worked on getting the burnt ash out of the bottom of my dress from taking pictures in a burnt and abandoned building. Ha.  Thank God for them! :) In case you were wondering…. TOTALLY WORTH IT. The pictures were amazing.

Our ceremony opened with a slideshow of our lives, a funny video of Steve singing along to “Marry You” by bruno mars,  a ballet accompanied by violin to “La Vie en Rose”, and our bridal party walking down to “The Winner Is” by DeVotchKa. That song gets me so pumped up and inspired; i just love it! My flower girls and sign holder (Sadie, Kaydence, and Danny) walked down to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” covered by Ingrid Michaelson and my brother and I followed. Our Pastor and friend Tim Kuhl opened with sharing our first date story from both of our perspectives. It was really funny and sweet and helped set the light-hearted mood we desired for our wedding. One of my favorite aspects of the wedding was TYING THE KNOT… literally (You’ll see in the video!) and the handmade cookies that 10 of the ladies that mean the most to me in this world contributed to the dessert reception. You ladies made the wedding so warm with your love!

All in all, it was PERFECT. Even though I forgot to give the guys their boutonnieres that I handmade to match the bouquets we made for the girls. Ha. Whoops.  And now we are married and we have so many wonderful memories to look back on and sink right back in. I couldn’t ask for more!

Here are some of our favorites from our awesome photographers Tim and Jessica! Our day would have NOT been the same without these 2! It was such a great experience to have our best friends document our day!  Also- check out OUR WEDDING VIDEO! I love photos, obviously, but there is just something about a good wedding video that opens up a whole new flood of emotions. Thanks Kyle Harbor!

My mom added the brooch to my dress that belonged to my late “Grammie”. That lady had STYLE.

If I knew how to whistle I’d be whistling the roof off of my house right now! Haaaaandsome!

This photo is one of my favorite moments of the day. Our first look was minutes away and I just finished getting ready. I stood there (ok, twirled mostly) and thought “alright… i’m all ready. I’m going to get married!”


The infamous burnt building that almost ruined my dress.

I know we got married in August… but my one bridezilla request was that my bridesmaids wore patterned tights… because I adore them.

Gosh, look how awesome our best friends are! STYLIN’! OH and Steve is completely obsessed with his mustache so as a joke all the guys grew one out for him. Ha!
Glynna, Renata, Amanda, Juliann, Martha, Kalie, Kristina, Liana, me, Steve, Derek, A.J., Gerty, Koby, Drizz (Andrew), Chrizzle (Chris), Tony, and Nate.

The ballerina before the ceremony :)

And then we tied the knot….


Another favorite memory of the day were the bridal party stories. I’m a story teller… i love them. I ask my grandma to tell the same stories of how she met my grandpa and what they were like as kids every time she visits. I just love stories! Our bridal party agreed to my request (they are so awesome) and every single one of them shared a story or a well wishing for us. Most of them were funny, all of them were sweet, and a few of them brought us to tears.

See? :) I remember this moment actually… my cousin was telling everyone how every time she hangs out with Steve she thinks, “man, this guy just gets NICER and NICER!” It’s true.. people! He gets funnier and funnier too! :)

She caught the mangled bouquet! 

Our first dance!

So our first dance ended with “Baby” by Justin Bieber…. long (great) story… and my brother in law A.J. (a bigger ham than me!) jumped out of line and lip-synced the rap by Ludacris in the song. It. Was. HILARIOUS.

And now i happily present OUR WEDDING VIDEO!!! Thanks so much to KYLE HARBOUR!!

A few favorites of us from the photobooth!

our photographers/bff’s and us!