Kate & Jared: Engaged (and styled)


BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE….. these 2 love birds are BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. Goodness gracious. That’s right… GOODNESS GRACIOUS.

We had so much at this shoot and even PLANNING this was a blast!  When Kate and I started talking about her engagement photos (which I started thinking about the DAY they got engaged) she told me that she loves Sleeping Beauty and always dreamed of becoming Princess Aurora at Disneyland… and you can see for yourself that she is not that far off! So we agreed that her fantasy should become a reality. I immediately met with Ashley of Patterns On Walls and Martha of Martha Does Make up and we began imaging this shoot. I have to give Ashley MAJOR props for making the, well, the props! She is a styling genius and I’m thankful to have her in my back pocket! :) She was inspired by the scene of Aurora walking through the forest picking berries in her basket and we ran full force with it. (Special thanks to Ashley W. for that awesome braid in Kate’s hair! AMAZING. I dream of that braid.)

Kate & Jared were such a joy to “work” with. They loved on each other, laughed together, complimented eachother, braved bug bites and treacherous tree branches, and dished out the sarcasm faster than I could serve it! SO yes, it was a PERFECT tuesday in my opinion!
Kate- I hope this was a fantasy come true for you! The next fantasy you get to live out is your wedding day and I can’t wait to watch that story unveil… literally… because, you know, you’ll be wearing a veil. Get it? …. Anyone? Ha! Kidding.

Jared you pleasantly surprised me with how goofy you were! I loved it. Pucker up!!

And they lived happily ever after!


Emily: fashion/ portrait

I had so much fun working with Logan Cole, Emily, and one of my best friends Martha! Thanks for having me out, Logan…. and trusting me with the location! Let me know if you ever want to shoot in my hood again!

I present to you, the lovely Emily…


So much to talk about lately i’m tired of hearing my own voice!

Hello dearies.
So, i’m not lying when i say i am tired of my own voice right about now… but feeling so completely blessed with all that has been happening lately! Mind if I tell ya about it? Hey, at least I’m only typing and not talking… i’m doing us both a favor! 😉

1- Got married August 5th which has made me realized that Steve is the most amazing human alive and being his wife is the best decision i’ve EVER made. We’ve just been having so much fun! I’ve taught him how to play catch phrase, skip bo, scattergories,  scene it, rummy, and my very favorite card game Phase 10. The very thought of this makes his family laugh because they’ve never known him to enjoy playing games. What a sweet sacrifice he’s given me! :) In return- i make the bed and let him play Call of Duty (or more affectionately called “duties”). Looks like I got the better end of the deal! But really- i’m so thankful for a man that works hard so I can do what I love. He’s even been coming along to all my shoots recently. What a solid man that guy is! xoxoxoxoxo

2-  A little less than a month ago the wonderful AMELIA LYON took photos of us. While I was still single (pre-Steve, even) i wrote her and told her she’d be involved in my wedding somehow, and you guys, you have no idea what a big deal this was for me. I was trying to explain it all to my best friend Liana (who is a fantastic writer) and i said, “It’s like having your favorite author write a book about you” and i feel like that sums it up perfectly. It was a honor to be able to stare down her lens. OK, that sounds creepier than i intended it to… not like i wanted it to be creepy at ALL, but, you know. We had SO MUCH FUN and she is just wonderful. Wonderful wonderful. You can see all of our photos at www.amelialyon.net but i will add my favorites to the bottom of this post, too!

3- I love twitter. I really do. I’ve had so many great opprotunities arise via twitter. I love it. No shame in my game. This biggest twitter victory happened a few weeks ago when Jasmine Star (yes, THEE Jasmine Star) asked for a couple to model for a styled shoot she’d be doing with In The Now. Without thinking i wrote back with a “oh oh oh! me me me!” and sure enough, they (for some reason that i still don’t understand) chose Steve & I. Here is where the panic sets in. Steve and I are no way no how “models”. I feel like i can’t even type that without the quotations. But after much prayer Steve and I show up to the gorgeous Vibiana in Los Angeles last tuesday morning and decided we’d do the shoot to the best of our abilities and more importantly soak up the entire day and all of it’s awesomeness.  Being a photographer myself I was very nervous and a little intimidated meeting J* but MAN was all that worry for nothing! She is the most down to earth and funny and caring and lovely and sweet and kind and generous and nice and talented and professional and courteous person i’ve EVER met…. besides Steve maybe! 😉 In fact, everyone person involved in the shoot was SUPER nice. What an answered prayer! So we got all dolled up and pretended to be models for the day and just had the time of our lives. I’ll let you guys know when Jasmine posts them on her blog! Oh and p.s.! Jasmine set her camera down right in the middle of shooting us and gave me a little advice and it turned into a total Q&A session to which i am eternally grateful.

4- So, you know how i told you i love twitter? Well, i do. A lot. Because of twitter I am happy to announce that a gorgeous photo from our wedding thanks to Jessica Pressley-Rodriguez will be featured in BRIDES MAGAZINE in January! I KNOW! I’m freaking out. A wedding blogger tweeted about needing REAL BUDGET BRIDES and since we had a 300 person wedding for only $4,000 i decided to write in! Well, they loved our story and our photos and gave me the confirmation a few days ago, so look out for us in January!!

Needless to say, I’m feeling so blessed. I don’t deserve any of this yet God is providing it and i’m so so thankful. I promise to continue to give him the glory!

NOW! Let’s all enjoy some amazing Amelia Lyon photographs. It’s hard for me to believe that this shoot even happened. I’ve been following and admiring her work for years now. This is just crazy! But, please, enjoy! Head to her site after and leave her some love… tell her Sara sent ya 😉

HOPE EVERYONE IS HAVING A GREAT WEEK! I’m gonna go frost some cupcakes and try my hardest not to talk anymore today!

my make was done by Martha! (www.marthadoesmakeup.com)