I’m in love (a personal post)

It’s true. I’m in love.

I could go on and on about the details of Steve and I’s love story.. but today i am just overwhelmed by a feeling of complete happiness and THAT is what i want to tell you about. :)
I met Steve at his work today so we could grab breakfast for lunch together. We danced, laughed and sang along with Jay-Z ¬†until we ended up at one of my family’s favorite hole-in-the-wall cafe’s called “Rusty’s” and we ate until we were uncomfortable. Over breakfast we discusses details of our wedding, joining bank accounts, combining insurances and cell phone contracts and all that other stuff that shouldn’t be fun to talk about but it was because I love him. Then we decided to grab a quick coffee from starbucks before our meeting with Tim Kuhl to discuss the order of our ceremony. That little 1 hour meeting really made feel the REALITY of this wedding. I kept my cool and calmed my smiles, but my heart was happy.

I love that Steve gives me his lunch breaks so we can spend time together.
I love that he is a regular at Starbucks and not only do the baristas know his order, they have started to call me “Mrs. Lucero”
I love that Jay-Z was in his cd player and when I started dancing he told me i was awesome and that he loved me.
I love that he cares about our wedding (almost) as much as i do.
I love that he is going to pick me up as soon as he gets off work so we can have dinner with his family tonight.

Here are a few photos from our recent engagement shoot with the wonderful Edmund Prieto! (www.edmundprieto.com)