Fun and Happy Senior Boy Shoot at Disneyland!

Classic senior boy shoot at Disneyland

Luke is one lovable guy! I had so much fun hanging out at Disneyland and watching him be silly in front of a crowd with major confidence! Not everyone can do that, you know (*clears throat* my husband who hates having his picture taken in public *clears throat*). This was seriously a great day and Luke was awesome!

Seniors are fun :)



Sam Taylor: Silverado Varsity Quarterback Senior Shoot

Senior boy football shoot

You want to know a good way to feel old REALLY fast? Do a senior shoot at your alma mater. Wow. And do one in the morning… because as you drive on campus you’ll feel like you’re late for your French test all over again.
BUT! Besides feeling old (class of 2006 baby!) it was really really great meeting Sam and taking his senior photos! Sam Taylor is the Varsity Quarterback for Silverado High School and has broke MANY records for his team. He has a pretty impressive career behind AND ahead of him, I’m sure!

College acceptance letters…. pssshhhh

Congrats on an awesome football season, Sam! Best of luck of the rest of your senior year!

Jeni: The cutest senior girl in the world. Easy.

Cute senior shoot

Jeni is:
the sweetest
the cutest
the smartest
the silliest
the smiliest
the nicest
and the prettiest.

I think from now on whenever I think something is cute I will compare it to this sweet girl. After all, she is the epitome of cute, right?

Jeni! I loved meeting and photographing you! I hope to do it again! :) Enjoy the rest of your senior year!!

Rad senior shoot in the desert: For Amanda

Senior shoot by Sara Lucero

My step sister is going into her senior year of High School out in Loveland, CO and I just can’t even believe it. I’m so glad we were able to do some photos of her while she was visiting us in California! AAAAND she stayed with me for a few days while Steve was away at camp so the timing was perfect.

Most senior girls want to feel pretty, but I think it’s so important to also be a little quirky, individualistic, and your own type of cool…. so for the 1st half of the shoot I let Amanda feel very pretty and pose in her cute senior girl way, but the 2nd half  I put my boots on her and took all the pins out of her hair so I could rough it up. I told her, “Don’t think ‘pretty cheerleader’, just think ‘cool girl'” and then we got some pretty rad and editorial photos!

She’s a beautiful girl but more importantly she’s sweet, down for anything, and funny. I’ll spare her the embarrassment of showing you all the outtakes from this shoot 😉 We had to take A LOT of laugh breaks.

I love you, Amanda! Good luck in your SENIOR YEAR! Don’t get distracted by boys or friends… finish strong! <—- Is that too big sister embarrassing? I hope so.

…… And then I took over :) I love the motion we captured with this shoot… and that royal blue dress POPPED in that desert scenery. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Senior: Ashley Anne


For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to get a venti iced mocha from Starbucks this afternoon. I usually am a caffeine monster with a grande, so I’m sure you can image how WHACK I feel right now. So caffeinated I feel silly, tired, hyper, and dizzy. I’ll never learn.
But I’ve got some Gungor playing and I’m ready to show you all this beautiful senior shoot I did the other day. My husband and I found this location by googling “cool buildings”… seriously. We totally lucked out because they never let people shoot there but they happened to be giving a tour of the location and let us sneak in (with permission) and it was aaaaammmmmaaazzzzzzziiiiiinnnnnnngggggg. The perfect backdrop for this beauty! Thanks John Swisher Community Center for opening it up for us!
Ashley- you are so sweet, goofy, beautiful, and fun! I hope you feel beautiful when you look at these photos!

Work that wind, girlfriend. Work. It.

You’re gorgeous, Ashley!!
Thanks again to the John Swisher Community Center in Hesperia!

Alex: Musician + Senior


Alex is such a cool kid. Great musician (and plays in Steve’s High School Ministry worship band), sweet, polite, and easy going! When he showed up to the shoot I couldn’t help but hug him and tell him how absolutely cute he looked! Can you blame me?
Alex- hope you love these photos, man! Personally, I think you look pretty rad in them!

I can’t figure out exactly why, but this next photo makes me think of Bob Dylan.


A few days ago I shared all my favorite wedding moments and photos in one post! TODAY I’m sharing…. well…. everything else! One mega post of all my favorite portraits: seniors, engagement, maternity, models, and families! Although I got into photography to shoot weddings and engagements, I have to admit that I had a BLAST this year with all the senior shoots! The girls I got to meet had the sweetest personalities and the greatest style and I loved every minute of their sessions!
The bottom of the post has MY VERY FAVORITE IMAGE OF 2011!!!! Who’s it gonna be?? Huh! Huh! Huh!?


Favorite accessories: (gold bow necklace by Mishka Piaf) 

Favorite Seniors:

Favorite Make-Up: (Thanks to Martha!)



Family/ Children:


Favorite hair: (thanks to Ashley Wheatley)

Favorite details: (Thanks to Ashley of Patterns on Walls)


Erin: A Senior…. that should be a model.

Ladies and Gents… I’m SO excited to show you these photos! Erin is such a stunning Senior girl! I probably shouted the words “Dang!  MODEL!” after every picture.  She insists that she is just a volleyball playing senior, but I think she is secretly a model. She HAS to be!

Her favorite:

My favorite:

I hope you feel beautiful, Erin!!

Jessie: A southern belle SENIOR and The Hub intern

I’ve been so blessed this year by the amazing girls/women/ladies that  I’ve gotten to photograph! It’s been an absolute joy watching them  BLOSSOM in front of the camera and just let loose and have fun! :) THANK YOU JESUS FOR ALLOWING ME TO CALL THIS “work”!

Well, Miss Jessie is no exception! This little southern belle lives in Louisiana and has a heart bigger than the state itself! After a few minutes of chit chat (this was our 1st time meeting) I found out that Jessis interns at a non-profit organization Called The Hub that “is a gospel based non-profit organization that exists to bring hope, love and friendship to the poor through providing resources, conversation and care; always pointing to Jesus as the only source of complete healing and wholeness.” And let me tell you, Jessie is PASSIONATE about it! She was in California during Thanksgiving break and she said she missed and ached The Hub so badly and couldn’t wait to get back home to volunteer more!  In my experience, not many high schoolers have their hearts broken for the homeless like Jessie does. It’s such an inspiration!
Jessie recently worked on a video project for The Hub and I’m so excited to use my blog as an avenue to bring more attention to this cause!  You can watch the video HERE!
Jessie you’re the best and your accent just eats me alive… in the best way possible of course!

Jessie proudly wore her momma’s High School class ring.

CLASS OF 2012!

I hope you feel beautiful when you look at these pictures, Jessie! It was a pleasure meeting you!

Gina: a high school Senior with some serious STYLE!

Gina and I had so much fun on this shoot together! She is just so adorable and as soon as I met her I was excited to get this shoot a-rockin’ and a-rollin’! She warned me at the start that she “had no idea what to do” and that i’d have to direct her every step of the way… which I LOVE to do. She not only listened to my suggestions, SHE MADE THEM CUTER! So pro!  I told her a million times she was such a good sport… she did whatever goofy thing I threw at her and looked BEAUTIFUL doing it! It was a lot of  fun watching her progress and get more and more comfortable in front of my camera. What a fun sunday afternoon we had!

Gina- I hope you feel BEAUTIFUL when you look at these! Thank you for trusting me and being playful. This shoot was one of my favorites! xoxo

Can’t you tell we were having fun?

Love her style! I wore heeled oxfords in my wedding and love any girl that sports them! :)


Isn’t she just the cutest little thing you ever did see?!