LOOKING BACK: 2013 Highlights for the Lucero’s

Lucero Christmas Card

2013 is over! Can you even believe it?
I went through my personal photos of the year and I found (a lot of) highlights to share. Most are from instagram, because, well, instagram is my digital memory book. Oh and, this post took me 4 hours. Yiiiikes.

M O N T H    B Y    M O N T H

J A N U A R Y:
Steve was on a roll with home projects! We bought a brand new track house in 2011 and quickly realized that’s just not our style. You know, nice, new, flawless. haha! So this is Steve ripping off the fireplace tile. He made it so nice and pretty for us.

We also bought a Honda CR-V!

And got SUPER into playing Ticket To Ride. We still play on our phones all the time.

F E B R U A R Y :

Steve’s birthday is the day after Valentines day! THE BIG 3-0!

I threw him a surprise Call of Duty themed birthday party. It was really fun!

And then we went to Santa Barbara to photograph one of my best friends engagement shoot! So special for us.

Steve and I stayed at The Lemon Tree Inn and it was SO mid century CUTE. The restaurant was nasty, but, hey. Can’t win ’em all!

M A R C H :

My cousin moved to Tennessee in November 2012 and we talked on the phone every single day (pretty much). We also face timed the most mundane situations, but i liked it. This call was on her birthday and she was cooking dinner and I was working on my laptop from the couch. FASCINATING STUFF, PEOPLE. But it helped keep us close.

We went to WPPI in Vegas (for the 3rd year in a row) and my iced americano ended up smiling at me before we left.

Such a fun view from the MGM

I met Amelia + Justin in 2011 at WPPI and we’ve met up (or at least hugged) each year! I love them.

We also met Braedon Flynn at our first WPPI in 2011 and we have bumped into him every year too! It’s our tradition now. He’s the most down to earth rad photographer dude ever.

A big surprise was getting to sit in on an interview with Tec Petaja. That guy is THEE bomb and his wife is charming and sweet and I purchased a custom home address stamp from her before WPPI and we got to talk about that…. so that was cool.

The day after we got home we threw a going away party for our sweet Kate + Jared friends. Waaaaah. We miss them but are so happy they are loving Texas!

A couple days after the party we went to our churches marriage retreat up in the mountains. Gosh that was so fun! We stayed in a huge cabin and got to focus on each other all weekend… with no cell service! It was awesome.

The week after the retreat I cut probably 8 inches from my hair and it felt GOOD. I love change.

A P R I L :

I TURNED 25 ON APRIL 3RD! Big number, in my opinion. I’m so happy Steve let me throw my own party. Haha. I love putting together parties and planning fun games to entertain my friends. We ate mexican food and played bingo. That’s right. BINGO.
A few days after my party we met our “nephew” Joshua! Steve’s best friend Derek had his first baby and we are so happy Derek + Amanda consider us family. They want Joshua to call us Tia Sara and Uncle Steve. Haha!
And then Steve gave my office polka dots!!!!! They keep me happy and inspired.
Our friends Katie + Jesse decided to elope with a super sweet and intimate chapel ceremony. It was our first wedding of the year!
The next weekend we shot Matt + Alanna’s wedding! It was my first time shooting a “first prayer” and boy did I cry my eyes out! It was incredibly sweet!
2 weeks later I shot Tereneh + Ryan’s wedding solo on what felt like the hottest but most beautiful day of the year. AND NOW THEY ARE EXCEPTING A BABY GIRL!

M A Y :

Cinco de mayo weekend I drove 3 hours south to San Diego for Juliann’s bridal / bachelorette weekend! Liana (the fab MOH front and center) and I planned the whole weekend and had so much fun doing it. We rented to social cycle to cruise downtown San Diego and it was hilarious!!! It’s a 16 person bicycle. I lost one of my flats in a busy intersection and sweet Juli had to hop off and get it. My legs didn’t quite reach the petals (short stuff over here) and I had to sit in the caboose. LOL!

When I came home Steve and I started mapping out what we wanted to do in our backyard. I’m the thinker he is the doer. AND LOOK AT HIM GO!
We did our best but buying a model home means A COMPLETELY EMPTY SLATE! It was really hard to plan!  We had no idea what we were doing.

On the last day of April Steve and I decided we wanted to adopt our first child! HUGE! But we didn’t want to tell the wold until we attended our first orientation on May 15th. So when Mother’s Day rolled around on the 12th my heartstrings were a’tugging!!

That week we were able to announce that we were in fact ADOPTING!!!! That journey has been bumpy but so beautiful. Read all about it at www.andthatmakesthree.com and follow us daily on instagram @andthatmakesthree

2 weeks later we drove up the mountain to Lake Arrowhead for Travis + Tamera’s wedding! LOOK at how stunning she is. WOW.

too bad after the wedding Steve and I got lost on the mountain for 2 hours. Worst night of 2013, I think. HAHA!

J U N E:

June was our crazy busy wedding month with our crazy awesome clients! I shot 5 weddings!
The first weekend in June  I 2nd shot (the only time in 2013 haha) for the lovely Kristin Rogers. She is so wonderful and left me wanting to hang out with her all the time! Miss you Kristin friend!

And then the nesting bug hit. We shot weddings all weekend and worked on the nursery all week. If you didn’t see in June now you know why.
Also, I don’t wish a 62 step ikea picture booklet to ANYONE.
Awww and then we shot Cameron + Dave’s vegan wedding the next weekend. They are the coolest couple.

One of my happiest moments in 2013 is when MY COUSIN MOVED BACK!!! Nashville is cool and all, but I like having her back in California! We threw her a welcome back BBQ on a tuesday in June in our backyard. Ahhhh it was so fun. Food, friends, kites, and charades.
We shot our first “double header” wedding weekend June 14-15.
Sorry for the super huge photo below but I just LOVED these sweet girls at Hannah + Kyle’s wedding!
The next day we shot Jessica + Daniel’s modern rooftop wedding! They were so sweet and I’m happy they chose awesome vendors that I’ve always wanted to work with. Shout out In The Now +  Sweet and Saucy Shop!
The next weekend Steve and I drove  5 hours to Atascadero, CA for Juli + Stephen’s much anticipated “total california” wedding!! I mean, just look at that. So gorgeous. I got to celebrate Juliann a lot in 2013!

J U L Y :

Steve went to Hume Lake Christian Camp as a counselor for a week and I was soooooo sad to be without him but I love his heart to serve and to love students.

We decided to move! So we put our 1st home up for sale and TWO DAYS LATER we accepted an offer. What a whirlwind!!

We celebrated by spending 3 days in Palm Springs. We love The Parker so much and can’t wait to stay there again. Ahhh relaxation at it’s finest.

Then we got to celebrate the most generous girl in the world at her tribal chic birthday party! Collette threw her own party and you know I love that. A girl after my own heart!

We welcomed the last weekend in July with a move and our new view. Thank you Jesus for that spectacular view! A constant reminder of God’s goodness when we look out our windows.

A U G U S T :

On August 5 we celebrated 2 years of marriage! We’ve done so much in these past 2 years that I sort of feel like we’ve been married for 5! But then I remember we were only dating for 9 months before we got married and then I’m like, oh, yeah. Definitely not 5 years. But anyway. We love each other and stuff :)

The best part about our anniversary is when Steve put this box of my favorite See’s candies on my driver seat while I was out shopping. He was at work the 1st half of the day and made this wrapping paper by printing out a striped image and then used post-it’s to seal it because that’s all he had. HILARIOUS. That’s the stuff love is made of, people. Cute stuff like that.

We spent the night at an Embassy Suites and flew to Philadelphia the next day! LAX-PHL!
Oh and I love our luggage. So much.
Steve wanted a picture of me by this giant domino because it had polka dots. Isn’t that the cutest? But now I just saw those creepy hand smears at the top and I sort of don’t like the photo anymore. YIKES. haha!
This frozen yogurt shop was within a 3 minute walk from our hotel. I loved the little sidewalk scene. Oh and it was right across from the pathway Ben Franklin used to walk to and from work.
This LOVE photo made it onto our christmas card this year! I know the big yellow bag is a little tacky, but it housed a $2,100 lens that we rented so I was not about to let Steve set it down. Haha!
My best memory of the trip was our Philly Cheesesteak experience. The building in the background is Independence Hall and we felt like that was a perfect place to eat some food truck food. Steve was SO excited to have his Philly cheesesteak. Can you blame him? So we grabbed our subs and found a bench in the park right by a group of actors performing a colonial sketch. I couldn’t have asked for a better location to grub. We pull our food from the bag and before we can even unwrap it it begins to sprinkle.. then drizzle (in my mind that means rain a little harder).. then rain. So we huddled under a tree for a minute but realized that just wasn’t cutting it anymore because it started to POUR!! I’m talking torrential downpour, folks. I giggled my head off as we followed others’ lead and ran across the park to a giant building that had better shelter. We then enjoyed our philly cheesesteaks as soaking wet as you can be and it was perfect. I love moments like that with complete strangers.

We made the trip to Philadelphia to shoot Chris + Lauren’s wedding! Unfortunately my camera broke the day before the wedding and then it rained that same torrential rain on their wedding day. Crazy. SO crazy. But we were able to buy a new camera and the rain stopped after the ceremony, so all was well!
Okay, actually all was REALLY well! Look at those 2 love birds!!! I still can’t believe they let us photograph their amazing wedding day. And it was our first destination wedding!
When we got home from Philly it was time to start working on our adoption to-do lists! Our first aid training was done and it was time to get finger printed. All for baby Lucero!
S E P T E M B E R :

We kind of got to catch our breath from the summer in September. I love this photo of Steve, Danskers (Danny), and Neko enjoying some fresh air and iPhone games!

More adoption work! Hospitals make me queazy so getting a physical and TB test was a labor of love.

We joined our very first small group! At this first meeting me, Heather, and Sarah were the only girls… but now we have 3 more awesome couples! So fun doing life with these guys.

We shot Florence + Seng’s BEAUTIFULLLLLLL wedding on September 21. Omg that day just kept getting prettier and prettier. Such a fun and easy going day.

The next weekend we left for OREGON!!!  Our 2nd destination wedding!

Oregon stole our hearts and we weren’t expecting that. We stayed at Five Pine Lodge in Sister’s Oregon and Channy + Jesse’s wedding took place steps away from our cabin. It was the most relaxing weekend AND wedding. Channy + Jesse are beautiful, in love, and super down to earth. And I think I could shoot weddings there every weekend and be completely happy. Such a gorgeous place. STAY THERE IF YOU HAVE A CHANCE, OK?

Channy  recommended a breakfast place in Bend called “Fork” and we are thankful for that! It was the cutest little place in a reconstructed house. These pictures below Steve took across the table and I was too giddy to get a decent smile.

O C T O B E R :

Would you believe me if I told you the week after Oregon we flew to Denver Colorado? Well we did! We were starting to get pretty tired but when your step sister asks you to photograph her senior photos you do it!

There was a cute coffee shop half a mile from our hotel called “backstage coffee” (behind an Opera House) that we loved. Believe it or not it was my first time drinking a latte in a coffee shop out of a real cup. Haha! It was a fun experience for me. It’s the little things, after all. We tried going back the next night but we got in a fight while we were walking there and it ruined the coffee. REAL LIFE, folks. Real life.

My 3 main men.

PUMPKIN PATCH!! So fun being festive and doing little things like that.

By this point our home had been in escrow for 3 months and we were expecting a close in 2-3 weeks. We were renting our house to the buyers and we were renting a house for ourselves. It’s very confusing. Well, we got word that escrow couldn’t close for many more months. We had to seek wisdom as we made a lot of big decisions that month! We still don’t know if we made the right decision and only time will tell, but we are trusting God 100% in this situation!

We opened our home for Brier Rose Design’s Glitter & Spice workshop later that month. She is so creative and talented! Look at those adorable succulent pumpkins we made!

We shot a lot of engagements in 2013 but this was the only one with a horse!

My cousin is a talented crafter and costume maker and opened up a business this year! (Follow @chizboombaa on instagram!) Look at these awesome costumes she made for her boys. Disney’s Hitchhiking Ghosts!

Steve and I went as tourists. Pretty fitting, right? We enjoyed passing out candy at our new house! The community we live in goes all out for Halloween and families from surrounding neighborhoods drive there. So fun! We passed out candy, tattoos, vampire teeth, yo-yo’s, and little toys.

N O V E M B E R :

Collette and I were featured in a Natural Child World Magazine!!! They spelt my name wrong, but after 25 years of seeing that extra “h” I have gotten used to it. I still think it’s funny tho!

November 9th we shot Amy + Brandon’s gorgeous fall wedding. This wedding was incredibly fun because their friends are DANCERS and know how to get the party going!

Oh yeah, and then we decorated for Christmas on November 10. That’s a record for us!

My sweet Martha friend (and Justin and  baby Owen) visited California! So good seeing them. Why does Texas steal all of our friends?

Martha and Justin are expecting their 2nd baby!!! I did an impromptu maternity shoot for them during their family session. Martha makes darling accessories for the baby folk over at @mamaowllove! Follow her on insta.

A few days later on November 15th we shot Justin’s little brother’s wedding. Jon + Alyssa are a beautiful couple and we are so happy to see them enjoying life as newlyweds! Their wedding was bomb and i loved their wedding style!

We shot our very first PROPOSAL!!!! It was freezing but INCREDIBLE.

Chad had 10,000 lights helping him propose. We are excited for their summer 2014 wedding!

Oh yeah and then Ron Swanson took a selfie.

On black friday we hosted our 3rd annual white elephant christmas party!! This years theme was christmas plaid. Can you tell?

D E C E M B E R :

And Steve got a new guitar!!

And Steve put Danskers to work! We love those little helper boys.
Decorating for Christmas never stopped. We just kept adding and adding. This house is laid out completely different than our 1st house, so it took some time figuring out what worked.
On December 14th we shot our last wedding of the year!!! Sara + Aaron are so rad and after their morning wedding we went to starbucks and then out to the desert for more photos. That was fun. Blog post coming later!
Our church (High Desert Church) hosted one heck of a Christmas Eve service! That’s KO from Pentatonix on the left center and Steve is drumming to his left. So so so cool.
And then I bought a bike. I haven’t ridden one in about 5 years, so I was super giddy.
Steve surprised me by pulling out his old roller blades that I didn’t even know he still had. HILARIOUS PHOTO. Photo of the year.
Our Christmas card that came 2 days before Christmas. Booooo!
And yesterday! New Years eve! We celebrated with a couples game night and s’mores from our new Chiminea (from my folks)!

WHAT A YEAR!!!! I can’t wait to see what God has planned for 2014.
Praying for children, more traveling, and reversing my PCOS.

Let’s do this thang!!

Our 3rd Annual White Elephant Party: Christmas Plaid Party

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! We can finally say that!!!! Steve and I decorated on November 11th sooooooo we’ve been waiting awhile!
We decided to host our annual White Elephant Christmas Party on “black Friday” and kick off the Christmas Season with our friends!! And we did it with a twist…

We’ve never done an Ugly Christmas Sweater party, but I DO love a good theme… so this year we asked our friends to dress in Christmas Plaid and boy did they!

Also- Every gift was some sort of Christmas Decoration. Some were good. Some were bad. Oh man, some were really bad.

Here are some of the quick photos I was able to snap while hosting… check out more photos on my favorite hashtag ever #plaidyparty !!! Thanks for that one, Janelle!

Janine REALLY wanted a few photos of her looking cozy with her hot cocoa! #pinterest #cheesy
^^^^ What’s the point of being a photographer if you can’t host a Christmas party and post unflattering photos of your friends? 😉 ^^^^

The white elephant exchange was hilarious AS ALWAYS. In years past the gifts were so bad that no one ever wanted to steal, so this year we made it mandatory for people to steal (if they had a black dot on the number they pulled). I’m so glad we did that. It was hilarious fighting over the few presents that were actually good!
^^^^ Jakey’s candy cane mouse thrifted gift actually got passed around the most I think! I’m just glad he stole it from Steve. YIKES ^^^^









One long day of photos in Philadelphia!

Lucero's in Center City Philly

After being booked for about a year, Steve and I got to travel to Philadelphia (a city on my “top must see cities” list) last week to photograph a wedding! Even though I’m writing this blog post right now and I edited all my personal photos from the trip, it’s still hard for me to believe that it happened.
Things that made last week awesome:
1- It was our first destination wedding
2- I’ve always wanted to go to Philadelphia
3- We were constantly steps away from historic sites
4- Our bride and groom were friendly, funny, sweet, stylish, beautiful, kind, generous, caring, joyful, and FUN.
5- The food. C’mon.
6- It was our 2 year anniversary.

Unfortunately I only have photos from our first full day in Philly, because… well… my camera broke. No explanation there. It just wouldn’t turn on. Which we didn’t realize until the day before the wedding. And then I had to carry around a big heavy camera for the rest of the day while site seeing. At first we thought it was just the battery so we weren’t too stressed, but when we got back to our hotel room we realized there was no way that 4/4 batteries would be completely dead. It was the camera. BUT ANYWAY. That was one teeny (who am I kidding?) part of the trip. And it all worked out! And we were able to shoot the wedding with a replacement camera and the wedding WAS GORGEOUSLY AMAZING but I’m gonna talk about that later! :)

So we got in Tuesday night around 11 pm and we were able to walk to a little pub that served the best pulled pork sandwich… and I don’t even like pulled pork sandwiches! Steve was surprised when I ordered it but it was so dang delicious we had to go back later in the week and we both ordered one.
Wednesday we met with Lauren + Chris and they drove us around Philly and walked us around their venues. Which were drop dead amazing. Like, hard to believe I am standing here and seeing this with my own 2 eyes kind of amazing. But again- I’ll talk about that in the wedding post!
They were kind enough to drop us off at a camera rental place to pick up a lens and then Steve and I walked into Center City. We didn’t really have a plan for the day.. we just pointed and walked all day. It was so fun. Relaxing and exciting at the same time.

One of the first stops was at Reading Terminal Market, which is basically like a Costco sized building with… i don’t know.. maybe 50-70 different food merchants. To say the least, my sweet Steve was very overwhelmed! Haha! We decided on a place that basically served thanksgiving dinner. Yum. One of the funniest moments from the trip is when Steve ordered a turkey and cranberry sandwich and the girl working quickly said (with a New Jersey accent) “Whattsa matta with you? You don’t like stuffin’?!” We said that to each other for the rest of the trip! Whattsa matta with you?! HAHAHA!
I love the way history + present blends in Philly!
Steve told me to stand in front of that giant domino because “You love polka dots!” I also love bingo. Wassup wassup.
Lauren told me that William Penn (the guy up there ^) originally wouldn’t allow any building to be taller than him, well, that’s changed now. Still cool!
I am so so so happy our hotel was in Old City. I think it was my favorite part of Philly. Those 2 red doors enclose the passageway that Ben Franklin took to and from work everyday. CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THAT? Benjamin Franklin.
There are 2 frozen yogurt shops on that street and one night we sat at a cafe table under a string of lights and the next night we sat on the marble step under the green door (to the right of the red doors) and tried to take it all in. The history, not the frozen yogurt. OK, actually both.
I was happy.
Church St was the next street over and shoot… I loved that street too! Everywhere we went we had to take multiple “let me look it up” breaks to read up on the history (which you can see Steve doing a few photos down.. ha)
Christ Church was were many signers of the Declaration of Independence worshipped. It takes time for my mind to wrap around that.

We had so much fun exploring! We also took A LOT of iPhone photos and you can find them on instagram under the hashtag #steveandsaratravel
I may even add them to this post later on. Maybe.

Thursday we slept WAY in and then walked to Independence Hall, got our first cheesesteak, got completely rained out of our cute little park bench, saw the Liberty Bell, toured Betsy Ross’ house, sat outside the coolest Starbucks ever, walked back to the hotel and figured out that my camera in fact was broken, took a cab to Best Buy and purchased a new camera, grabbed nutella frozen yogurt and sat outside Ben Franklin’s passageway, then walked back “home” and got things ready for the wedding. I was excited, then stressed, then relieved, then nervous, then anxious… but man, was it all worth it! What a seriously great trip with my bugaboo.

Spending my days editing and how I do it!

I hope you all have a relaxing day full of shade, watermelon, and in my case… many episodes of The Amazing Race while editing. The Amazing Race is our new guilty pleasure show. We started it on HULU PLUS because there was nothing to watch and now we’ve blown through about 10 seasons. Yikes! But anyway this post isn’t about TV or the 4th of July. It’s about what I’ve been filling my days with and that is EDITING.

June was our crazy month. In 4 weeks we shot 4 weddings and I second shot one wedding (with the ever so sweet Kristin Rogers). That might be a normal schedule for photographers much cooler than me, but man we’ve never been that busy.  June was very good to us! Crazy, but good!
It’s no secret that I like to edit and work fast. I hate knowing that I have unfinished work just sitting there waiting for me, so I usually try to buckle down and get to work. I’ve basically dedicated these first few weeks of July to spend some good one and one time with my laptop.
I actually really love editing. Shooting the wedding is so so so much fun but editing is where I get to bring back the life to my photos. I was working on a wedding last night and couldn’t help but check (and be impressed by) the before and after.

Amelia Lyon taught me that it’s okay to edit every wedding a little differently because no 2 weddings have the exact same light and colors. I couldn’t agree more and I uniquely editing each wedding while keeping with my name Sara Lucero style.

After downloading and culling, I take my favorites into Lightroom and get to work. I choose a VSCO preset (usually in the Kodak realm), adjust the exposure, adjust the temperature (add warmth), add a little contrast, and I’m done. I can’t even tell you how easy and enjoyable VSCO has made my work life. For this particular wedding I liked the way the flowers, dresses, hair, suits, and venue looked a little warmer than I usually like, so I just went with it! It was a bright and sunny day and I feel like the sun kissed look represents the wedding well.

Anyway. That how I bring my photos to life :)

June 8th Wedding- Cameron and Dave 
June 14th Wedding- Hannah and Kyle

Look for this wedding on the blog next week!! It was a pretty one!!!! 

Backyard picnic BBQ: Welcome home, Cousin!

Backyard BBQ

In November my cousin Kalie and her family moved to Tennessee and it basically broke my heart, and her heart, and everyone’s heart…. AND NOW SHE’S BAAAAAA-AAAAAAAAAAACK!
She reminded me that I need to keep up my party planning streak of hosting a party every 2 months, so she told me to throw her a Welcome Back BBQ.. so I did!
(See previous parties here, here, here and here)

Steve and I have been working a lot on the backyard (me with the ideas and him with all the work, haha) so we decided to make it a picnic style BBQ and everyone bring their own blanket to sit on. Super cozy.
We eventually want to get a dining set out there but we will probably wait for the off season and buy it once it goes on sale. HOLLA!

I was able to snap a few photos of the decor before our friends got there! But man, it’s hard taking photos AND being the hostess. I’ve got to get better at that somehow. Haha. I added a few instagram photos at the back end of the post though too!

The night started with hugs + stories + baby cuddling while the men huddled around the BBQ. I also never seem to photograph the food… too busy eating I guess. Also too worried about spilling on my camera! But we filled our bellies with hot dogs, cheeseburgers, watermelon, chips, and Tim’s homemade mac n’ cheese (which Kalie proudly took home all of the leftovers).
In the last few minutes of sunlight we tried (keyword: TRIED) to fly a kite. The desert is usually pretty windy so I thought it would be a breeze (ohmygosh that was too easy) but it definitely wasn’t! It made for some really good belly laughs though!

Then we plugged in our patio lights and began probably the best round of Charades EVER! I had an entire brown paper bag FULL of movies, tv shows, and characters to act out. It was hilarious! So so so many good moments… like Travis being surprisingly good, poor Marty struggling, major competition between the twins, Steve acting out Bring It On, Kalie holding her sleeping child and acting at the same time, and Ashley acting out Anne Frank within 2.5 seconds! We just kept going around and around and around… I think we all acted like 7-8 times!

What a perfect day!
Welcome home, cousin! I LOVE YOU!
Thanks Janine, Janelle, Travis, Tim, Ashley, and our new member of the group Marty for coming over and celebrating my cuzzo with Steve and I! I miss you all already. 😉

All decor and supplies were purchased at The Dollar Tree, Target, and Etsy!
Ashley has a boyfriend! Welcome to the group, Marty!
Janelle you crack me up, girl!
Brixton faces are the best faces.

and then some instgram’s!


Our biggest announcement ever!

Today I finally get to share the most exciting news!

We signed our first (of many) forms and the process has officially begun! The process has started awhile ago in our hearts but it is now legally started :)

We are just BEYOND EXCITED at the opportunity to adopt a baby into our family. We cannot think of a better way to love the way Christ first loved us, his adopted sons and daughters. We are prepared for the process to be long and difficult, but we know the reward will be sweet. If you’d like to follow along every step of the way (including why we decided to adopt) please head on over to our brand new baby centered blogAnd that makes three“!!! Because there is DEFINITELY more to say on the matter!

I hope you all will laugh, cry, celebrate, and PRAY with us as we go from 2 to 3 through the blessing of adoption!!!

Excited as ever,

Sara + Steve

My new flash drive packaging for weddings!

Today as I was packing up our first official wedding of the year I decided to document my branding and packaging for the blog! I honestly couldn’t be happier with the way my brand has developed. Thorn and Sparrow is a rockstar.
One of my favorite parts of packing up wedding photos is filling out the custom mad lib that Ashley and I came up with last year. But really, it’s all my favorite part!

The logo + mad lib + peach + polka dots + stripes + floral = the perfect amount of happy, quirky, cool, and fun… in my humble opinion.

Also- there is a special something something in their but only my brides and grooms get to see that part. I’m so sneaky, I know.

Lucero Home Tour: My Office

Sara Lucero's polka dot office

Last night Steve and I were looking at our previous home tours and we couldn’t help but laugh! Well, I was laughing… Steve was embarrassed and asked if we could look forward and not back. Man oh man has our style developed. I’m sure in 2 years we are going to look back at our home now and feel the same way. I guess that’s how people who like change act. Right? Or are we the only ones?
I can officially say it’s taken 2 years to get our home how we like it. As most newlyweds or newly homeowners can attest you kind of have to live with that you’re given at first. Craigslist couches, hand-me-down furniture, and a down right confused vision of what YOUR HOME should be.
I’ve talked about this before in our living room home tour, but we realized that your home should be a sanctuary. I work from home and I for one want my home to be a place I WANT to be. In fact, our home is my favorite hang out spot in the whole desert!  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

As my birthday present Steve said he wanted to re-do my office for me. I used to have grey and white vertical stripes on one wall and 3 grey walls. He painted everything a very subtle off white and added black polka dots to the wall I look at over my computer screen. It’s amazing how much magic polka dots can add! You can find all sorts of wall decals at Walls By Mur.  Steve want’s to add patterns to every wall in the house now… but one of our biggest interior design flaws is that we get obessed with an idea and go over board…. *cough cough* striped walls in 3/4 bedrooms *cough cough*. He also ripped out the carpet and stained the concrete so my office matches our bedroom and living room.

I feel so productive and inspired in my new workspace environment! Next on the list: a new office chair! Any recommendations? Oh and photos on the walls, of course!
A big ol THANK YOU to Collette of Brier Rose Design for bringing me these gorgeous coral and white poppies! I love them so much…. especially because of the darling black and white details all over the vase! I took lots of photos because I’ve already had them for days and I knew they were on their last leg… or petal?
And this is Ella Phantzgerald (Thanks Rog for helping me name her). I found her at a thrift store a few weeks ago and I posted a poll on instagram if I should buy her or not…. it was unanimous! She is a delightful desk mate.
My mom found this night stand (and matching dresser) at a garage sale a few months before we were married. Steve recently detailed it with black paint and I love it all over again! We currently have the dresser in our dining room.

Polka Dots: Walls By Mur
Desk: Antique hand me down from Steve’s folks
Curtains: Ikea
Wall shelf: Purchased from a storage locker auction (hilarious story)
Night stand: Garage sale
Calender: Target
Bingo plate / card holder: Target
Rug: Target
Wooden chair: Antique hand me down from Steve’s folks
Flowers: Brier Rose Design
Gold lamp: Sister in law’s garage sale
Books: Jose Villa, Joy Cho, Southern Weddings Magazine
Blood, sweat, and tears: My amazing husband

Birthday + Bingo + Black and white + Balloons= My 25th Birthday Party


I’m officially 25 now, you guys. I definitely don’t feel as old as my 16 year old self THOUGHT 25 was. Isn’t that funny how that happens?

If it isn’t completely obvious by now I LOVE HOSTING PARTIES.
October- Halloween Party
December-  White elephant and Christmas Eve
February- Steve’s 30th call of duty party
April- My 25th birthday party!
What will June bring? :)

I gotta say that throwing a party for yourself is A LOT different than throwing a holiday party. It was pretty weird.. you know.. buying my own decorations, blowing up my own balloons, and writing Happy Birthday to myself on our door sign. Haha! But I love this sort of thing. And Steve is just so awesome at getting the house and atmosphere ready. We are a great team.. I gotta hand it to ourselves. Ha. OK, I’ll stop.
I decided to make this party a “what Sara loves” party and incorporate polka dots, stripes, black and white, gold, balloons, mexican food, friends, AND BINGO! Everything turned out perfectly and filling our humble abode with my closest friends warms the heart like no other.
And, I know that by the looks of these photos it looks like Steve was the only party guest but I PROMISE people showed up, ok? I even added some iPhone photos for proof. haha!

For anyone out there planning a bingo party I recommend buying the game cards through Rooster n Chick . They have AMAZING customer service and I was more than pleased!
I purchased markers that had a stamp on one side and a solid color on the other. The people who weren’t too familiar with bingo would high light the pattern on their card and then stamp the numbers once they were called. It worked out great!
I used a free iPad app called “iBingo Caller” and we hooked it up to an iPod speaker dock so the caller was loud enough.
I asked everyone to bring a $5 wrapped gift and we used those as the bingo prizes after each round (for us it was 8 rounds). This made it fun because you never knew what you would get… starbucks card, a movie, water guns, a plant, ice tray denture molds, candy, a $5 bill, etc.

It was a perfect day!
And a few iPhone photos.. because, let’s be honest… an iPhone is a lot easier to lug around than an SLR… ESPECIALLY when playing bingo!
Bingo winners and bingo losers! Ha!

She drove from Tennessee to California: A surprise family reunion


One of the hardest truths I’ve had to deal with in all my 24 years was my cousin moving to Tennessee last November. For 97% of my life we have lived within 20 minutes of each other and I didn’t even know how to handle being STATES AND STATES away from her and her 3 sweets boys. You can read all about it in her maternity shoot and halloween costume shoot from last year.
Well! THINGS JUST GOT BETTER! Kalie planned a surprise trip out her last week! I was the only family member who knew and we calculated such a perfect arrival! It was extremely difficult not talking to my family about this because I knew it would make them so JOYFUL. It’s hard withholding good news! Well it just so happened that my Grandma and Auntie from Oklahoma (and her 2 sons Tony + Josh) would be in town too! This never happens. No, really. NEVER. So my mom and I decided to throw a surprise birthday party for my grandma (mommo) while they were here and she invited my brothers family AND Kalie’s brothers family. How much easier could this surprise arrival get? Our entire family (besides Steve because he was at church) would all be together in the same house for the first time in… EVER.

Kalie and I had texted all day waiting for the perfect time for her drive up. We thought it would be funny if I met her outside and carried in her 6 month old (Brixton) and acted like it was no big deal at all. And truthfully, it wasn’t. Only my sister in law (Kristina) noticed I was holding a baby. I walked in and my grandma hugged me and my mom made eye contact and life just carried on. UM what? I was holding a baby!? Good thing my cousin and her other 2 boys walked in behind me because it might have taken my family awhile to notice! To their defense there were 2 crawling babies and 2 wide eyed girly girls running around so maybe… no, I don’t know. They should have noticed! Haha!
The look on my aunt and uncles face was PRICELESS when Kalie walked in. With tears in her eyes, my aunt shouted “IT’s KALIE!!” and I put Brixton in my uncles arms. It was a very sweet reunion and I just couldn’t be happier to have my cousin back for a couple more weeks.

Enjoy the video and photos!

Sweet Ellie and Kaydence
Babies crawling everywhere! Kensie (Kaydence’s sister) and Noah (Ellie’s brother).
AAAAAND THIS is where the video happened!
YAY! Kalie is here!!!
Babies of the family meeting for the first time. Sweet Brixton and Kensington!

So excited to take lots more photos and memories with these 4! LOVE YOU CUZ!