Fun and Happy Senior Boy Shoot at Disneyland!

Classic senior boy shoot at Disneyland

Luke is one lovable guy! I had so much fun hanging out at Disneyland and watching him be silly in front of a crowd with major confidence! Not everyone can do that, you know (*clears throat* my husband who hates having his picture taken in public *clears throat*). This was seriously a great day and Luke was awesome!

Seniors are fun :)



The growing Davenport family!


We love the Davenport family. And we love that they are gaining 2 family members soon! Alyssa will marry Jon on Friday and Martha is pregnant with Owen’s first sibling!
We are so happy that Martha, Justin, and Owen were able to fly out for the wedding because we really missed our sweet friends!! It was so much fun getting to photograph the ENTIRE growing Davenport family for their annual family photo.

Dennis + Donna = Jordan, Jaquie, Justin, Jon Jon, and Janelle

Jacquie + Chris = Addy, Ryleigh, Raegyn, and Finley

Justin + Martha = Owen + baby

What a beautiful Davenport Family Tree!

Owen was a sad little guy until his cousins showed up!
Jacquie + Chris are such a cute couple and I feel in love with their precious girls! They are so blessed.
Steve is such a huge help at shoots. He changes my lenses and cards, holds my bag, extra camera, and if need be… babies.

And all the girls! Ryleigh picked the pose.

Baby Davenport!!


The Hitchhiking Ghosts: Halloween Costumes by Chiz Boom Baa

Hitchhiking Ghosts ChizBoomBaa

Chiz Boom Baa has done it again! Do you remember last years Jack Skellington, Zero, and Scary Teddy?
This year Kalie (my cousin) turned her 3 boys (ages 3, 5, and 1) into The Haunted Mansion’s Hitchhiking Ghosts!

She up-cycled menswear from the thrift store and tailored it down to fit her boys in their 3 unique costumes. She even kept the ghost on the left a little more baggy, the ghost in the middle fitted and skinny, and the ghost on the ride has a receding hairline and ball and chain! The best part about the ball and chain is that it doubles as Brixton’s trick or treat bag! Danny (middle ghost) will use his hat and Neko (left ghost) will use his luggage bag.
The best part about this kid is that he totally gets into character!
Neko had me cracking up the entire shoot! Sometimes I couldn’t even look at him because he is just so darn cute and funny. These boys love Halloween!

Happy Halloween!! Follow Kalie and her costume designs on instagram —-> @ChizBoomBaa


Rad senior shoot in the desert: For Amanda

Senior shoot by Sara Lucero

My step sister is going into her senior year of High School out in Loveland, CO and I just can’t even believe it. I’m so glad we were able to do some photos of her while she was visiting us in California! AAAAND she stayed with me for a few days while Steve was away at camp so the timing was perfect.

Most senior girls want to feel pretty, but I think it’s so important to also be a little quirky, individualistic, and your own type of cool…. so for the 1st half of the shoot I let Amanda feel very pretty and pose in her cute senior girl way, but the 2nd half  I put my boots on her and took all the pins out of her hair so I could rough it up. I told her, “Don’t think ‘pretty cheerleader’, just think ‘cool girl'” and then we got some pretty rad and editorial photos!

She’s a beautiful girl but more importantly she’s sweet, down for anything, and funny. I’ll spare her the embarrassment of showing you all the outtakes from this shoot 😉 We had to take A LOT of laugh breaks.

I love you, Amanda! Good luck in your SENIOR YEAR! Don’t get distracted by boys or friends… finish strong! <—- Is that too big sister embarrassing? I hope so.

…… And then I took over :) I love the motion we captured with this shoot… and that royal blue dress POPPED in that desert scenery. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Jack, Zero, and Scary Teddy: Halloween

Jack, Zero, Scary Teddy costume

My cousin has such a gift.
Let me back up a bit. I love my cousin. Very very much. (You might remember her from her maternity shoot about a month ago). Anywho. I’ve written before about how she was the one who pushed me into photography. I’m so thankful that she saw something in me and encouraged me to pursue it. Well, now I am VERY CLEARLY seeing the gift she has been given!! Kalie made these costumes from SCRATCH. No sample, no pattern, no nothing. Just an idea in her head. I mean who on earth can create costumes like this with no sewing education or sample? She is so creative and absolutely gifted and talented. The quality of her work is amazing and she doesn’t skimp on the details.
If I had it my way Kalie would open up an Etsy store and spend her days crafting away at cool and unique costumes for kids. There has got to be a huge market filled with cool parents who want their kids to be something rad for halloween. And by rad I don’t mean, Spiderman, a pirate, or the Hulk. I’m talking Edgar Allen Poe, The Raven, and Frankenstein (which are all costumes she has made for her kids).
If you guys think Kalie should open up a store PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW ENCOURAGING HER TO DO SO!!

Enjoy this very quick and impromptu photoshoot we did of her boys Danny, Neko, and Brixton as Jack Skellington, Zero, and Scary Teddy! AAAANNNNDDDD…. THERE’S A VIDEO! Danny was just so excited about being Jack that I couldn’t help but film he. He was in character. What 4 year old is in character?? My nephews are awesome.

A 1960’s MOD fun shoot… in the desert. Why not?

My step-sister, Amanda, lives in Colorado but comes to California every summer and Christmas to spend time with us. Well, she got into town early Saturday afternoon and I immediately invited her over for a day of watching You’ve Got Mail and making Cake Balls…. well, about 45 minutes into the movie and with the red velvet cake cooling I got an idea for a photo shoot. 15 minutes later I was pulling dresses from my closet, Martha was grabbing shoes and her make up tools and the process began! It was so spontaneous and exactly the kind of thing that I love!
We decided on a 1960’s MOD look  with fun high hair, boxy short dress, and disconnected eyeliner! Everything about this day was just so fun and the timing worked out perfectly… not to mention the fact that we walked (okay, drove) across the street to take these photos!
I’m telling you, for girls like us, a Saturday COULD NOT have been better!!

Amanda- thanks for being a trooper and modeling just hours after getting off of a 4am flight! You’re so pretty, Sissy, and I had so much fun with you!!

Martha killed that hair and make up! 

Senior: Ashley Anne


For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to get a venti iced mocha from Starbucks this afternoon. I usually am a caffeine monster with a grande, so I’m sure you can image how WHACK I feel right now. So caffeinated I feel silly, tired, hyper, and dizzy. I’ll never learn.
But I’ve got some Gungor playing and I’m ready to show you all this beautiful senior shoot I did the other day. My husband and I found this location by googling “cool buildings”… seriously. We totally lucked out because they never let people shoot there but they happened to be giving a tour of the location and let us sneak in (with permission) and it was aaaaammmmmaaazzzzzzziiiiiinnnnnnngggggg. The perfect backdrop for this beauty! Thanks John Swisher Community Center for opening it up for us!
Ashley- you are so sweet, goofy, beautiful, and fun! I hope you feel beautiful when you look at these photos!

Work that wind, girlfriend. Work. It.

You’re gorgeous, Ashley!!
Thanks again to the John Swisher Community Center in Hesperia!

Alex: Musician + Senior


Alex is such a cool kid. Great musician (and plays in Steve’s High School Ministry worship band), sweet, polite, and easy going! When he showed up to the shoot I couldn’t help but hug him and tell him how absolutely cute he looked! Can you blame me?
Alex- hope you love these photos, man! Personally, I think you look pretty rad in them!

I can’t figure out exactly why, but this next photo makes me think of Bob Dylan.

Meet: Liana {college grad, funny girl, best friend}


Dear Liana,
best friend…
I feel like I proud momma bear when I talk about you. I’m probably TOO proud of you, actually. It’s not healthy for someone that isn’t your mom to be this proud of the woman you are!  But I am, so just… deal with it. :)
Congratulations again on graduating college, but more than that congratulations on living a life that glorifies God daily. Your love for life, people, and Jesus Christ inspires and encourages me. I really don’t know what I would have done without you the last 6 years. Gosh, I honestly don’t even want to think about it!!!
New York, San Francisco, LA,  Kingsburg, San Luis Obispo, Las Vegas,  too many concerts to name,  halloween, my themed birthday parties, ice skating, being lost in NYC and getting in a pretty funny fight, sleeping during Broadway, Castledoor, youtube, Cup of Tea, dancing anywhere and everywhere, murder mystery party, and being my maid of honor. I could just love you forever.

I hope you feel insanely beautiful when you look at these photos!
Good guys everywhere- she’s single! (Sorry, Liana!)

She’s my favorite little weirdo…
Our nails looked like candy to us. Or maybe we were just hungry…
It just doesn’t get more gorgeous than this…. it just doesn’t. Too pretty.

We went to NYC together in 2008 and this first video was filmed about 10 minutes after we arrived at our hotel.
We went to a deli around midnight and decided to make it our runway
Walking through the subway like we own the place…
This was Liana’s final NY monologue to me…

James: head shots (and Ron Swanson’s first appearance!)

In my last post I talked about how much fun I’ve had doing the girly girl portraits, well this was quite a refreshing change of pace! HEAD SHOTS! And of a boy, no less!
James and I met in High School and bonded over our love of theater and shared the staged once or twice. Now he’s living in New York and completely living his dream. I’m really really proud of him (despite that huge chunk of me that wishes I was in NY, but hey).
I was so happy that he contacted me for his head shots! It meant he was in California for the holidays, I finally got to shoot a guy, AND he’s pursuing acting again! Perfect way to spend a tuesday, if you ask me!

Here are a few of my favorites from the session! Let the handsomeness begin!

So happy my pup and my husband came along to the shoot! This blog is about James, but i couldn’t resist! I’m sure there will be many more blog posts of the pup and all of the nicknames we’ve given him later on! Stay tuned :)