Janelle + Travis: Super Stylish and Sweet Desert Engagement Photos


These two desert-born-and-raised-babes happen to be really good friends of ours… and total babes :)  They live in Redlands now, but met and fell in love in Apple Valley not too far from where we did their shoot.

We first met Travis at one of our white elephant christmas parties a couple years ago and we knew he was a keeper. Want to know why? Not only did he totally enjoy Janelle despite her crazy matching christmas outfit with her twin sister, Janine, he started cleaning up once the party was over. And he did it without me even noticing. Someone had to tell me later. Now isn’t that the best? We quickly welcomed him into the group 😉

There’s just nothing better than seeing one of your best friends completely in love, happy, and adored.  We are so happy we get to go out to Vegas with them in November and not only witness but to photograph their wedding! Janelle, I can’t even imagine how beautiful you will be as a bride without my brain exploding. CAN’T WAIT!!

Fun little outfit change!

makeup: Blush By M Marie 

Chad’s nighttime proposal to Kristin under the stars and 10,000 twinkle lights

Night time proposal!

A few days before Chad proposed he had the idea one night at 2am to fill a tree with 10,000 twinkle lights and propose to Kristin in the middle of an empty field. Well, he made it happen!
He bought the lights
Recruited awesome friends to help (you were great Kevin + Kelsey!!)
Brought the generator and plenty of surge protectors
Made signs and lit them with solar lights on the path towards the tree,
Hired us to photograph it
Chopped piles and piles of branches to clean the trees the morning of
Had a nice fire going
Installed a hidden camera in the air vent of Kelsey’s car so we could later see her reaction
and even had time to go home and get cleaned up! I was so impressed with him!

We got there about an hour and a half before Kristin arrived and Steve immediately joined the team and started hanging lights. Lots of lights. That little spot in the desert was GLOWING. Let me tell you! It was so romantic. It was quiet, and sweet, and whimsical. We were so anxious for Kristin to arrive! Ok, I was the anxious one. Chad was calm and cool.

The scene. The fire. The ring. The lights. He’s ready!
As we were waiting for Kristin to arrive we huddled around the fire and drooled over her ring.
There she is!!
She kept saying, “I’m freaking out! I’m freaking out!” And then my favorite thing happened….. she said “I feel like we should go out for ice cream or something!” My kind of girl!
I love the picture above because Chad loos so proud of himself / happy and Kristin is CLEARLY “freaking out”.
A beautiful ring!! And a wonderful job of getting the bride-to-be to the location, Kelsey! You’re so smooth! 😉

What a magical proposal!!! We can’t wait for the wedding! Chad, what will you have in store?!? Congratulations to you both! LET THE WEDDING PLANNING BEGIN!!!



Amy + Brandon: Downtown Redlands Engagement for the most playful and fun couple ever.

Downtown Redlands Engagement Shoot

Can I start celebrating the fact that FALL is almost here!? We are SO close. I can almost taste it. And by “it” I mean the pumpkin flavored everything. Yum.

Although the leaves of Redlands are slowly starting to fall, we couldn’t ignore the fact that it was pushing 100 degrees on Sunday. But hey! If you’re going to be walking around it may as well be under the gorgeous tree lined streets of downtown Redlands. ANNNND with new friends as cute and fun as these two it was more than worth it beating the heat!
I usually try to avoid signs, cars, advertisements, etc. when I’m shooting, but for some reason in this shoot I loved the way the true environment added to their story! I was basically third wheeling their date exploring the city! haha!

Amy and Brandon are just the most fun. They shared their engagement story with me and we were cracking up over how excited Amy was. She told me her sister took photos of the proposal and that Amy didn’t have a “normal” face in any of them… she was just too excited! I LOVE THAT. I also learned that they are very playful together and Brandon is always lifting her up and she’s always jumping on his back. Well, we got a few of those moments on camera and we laughed the hardest I’ve ever laughed at a shoot before. They are just SO MUCH fun and I love that they truly let loose during this photo shoot and were completely themselves.
Couldn’t you just pick her up and put her in your pocket? ….. Brandon can!
Amy wanted to end the shoot with a few photos at her regular (5 foot) height. She can usually cozy right up under his chin and I love that she wanted photos of that. They are the sweetest. I’m telling you.

I met Brandon last year at Jessica and Mike’s wedding! He was a groomsmen and a boyfriend to Amy… and now I get to photograph THEIR wedding with Mike and Jessica as part of THEIR bridal party! How fun is that?!

Amy & Brandon- we are so excited for November!!!!

Engaged: Jon Jon + Alyssa (a future Davenport)

Jon Jon and Alyssa are CA-HUTE! A cute cute couple that compliment each other so well that they become this unstoppable force of CUTE. Jon Jon is very confident and outgoing and his Alyssa is very sweet, quiet, and bashful. Together they are one of the dearest couples around. We had so much fun exploring the city of Redlands and trying out Cafe Linne. Steve was pretty jealous when I told him we started the shoot at a coffee shop… in fact since Jon Jon and Alyssa are having their wedding at The Mitten Building (which is just a few streets away) I told him I’d treat him to a cup since he had to work.

Isn’t Alyssa the prettiest? Being all bashful and beautiful while I’m yelling behind the camera “DANG GIRRRRRRL YOU LOOK PRETTTTTAY!” I don’t quite have the sweet bashful thing down. Ha!
A future Davenport!!! Justin and Martha Davenport are some of our very best friends and I am just so so excited Alyssa gets to join that wonderful family!

We can’t wait for your November wedding! Your love is so blessed and we are excited to see what your wedding and marriage look like! :)

Tamera + Travis: Engaged

Football jersey Engagement

I met Tamera a few years ago through her sister-in-law, Janine, who happens to be one of my good friends! I was instantly stunned by how beautiful she was and her sweet demeanor makes her EVEN MORE beautiful. I’ve basically been waiting since that day for her to be a bride and now that time is finally here! We are so exited to shoot their Lake Arrowhead wedding in May!
I asked Travis how he proposed and he immediately took out his phone and showed me the video of them in Pittsburg at sunset. I loved how proud he became in that moment. Ya just gotta love when a macho man is a big softie 😉 I also loved that they changed into Steelers Jerseys and got super playful in their mock foot ball game…. you’ll see…

Tamera + Travis were a joy to photograph. They were super fun, comfortable, relaxed, playful, and REALLY photogenic! And Travis, I like how you bring out Tamera’s crazy side. ENJOY!

Crazy gophers!

Juliann + Stephen: A beachy Santa Barbara engagement


This day was so, so, so special to me. I photographed one of my best friends and her soon-to-be husband.
Juliann + Stephen live in San Luis Obispo and yesterday was actually the first time Steve and I met Stephen (and yes, it was very difficult saying “Steve” and “Stephen” all day). We instantly loved him and most importantly I love him for my sweet Juliann. These two are just amazing and goofy and sweet and drop dead gorgeous together.
These gorgeous freaks love the sun, sand, and surf. They actually went surfing on their first date aaaaaand really it just doesn’t get cooler than that. I am so glad they chose to do their engagement session in Santa Barbara! We walked around the city like it was a double date and took pictures for hours. After the shoot Steve and I stayed in the cutest little inn on State St. and enjoyed beautiful Santa Barbara for a bit longer.

I had the difficult task of not showing you all 500+ photos of this couple… that would have been OH SO easy. Maybe you’ll get lucky and see 1,000 photos from their wedding this June! But for now, enjoy this beautifully in love couple.


Alanna & Matt: Engaged


Alanna and Matt are awesome. This couple, man. People like them are what make my heart pitter patter with every shutter click. I know that’s cheesy, but so so so real.
They are : in real love – sweet to each other – hilarious – stylish – kind – cool – FUN. 

While texting with Alanna about my ideas for their engagement session she told me that she has an inner “Sasha Fierce” and this is her only  “America’s Next Top Model” moment and she was gonna enjoy it!
I LOVE THAT. They totally let loose on this (very chilly) shoot and we all had a blast. They put all their trust in me and allowed me to go crazy (which I am so grateful for)! I was inspired by their silliness as a couple, their beauty, and all of the lines at this run down motel in town!

Thank you to the sugary sweet Emily Barton for her makeup skills! You are a complete joy to work with!
Alanna & Matt- What the heck you guys. We love you and are SOOO excited for your wedding in April!

Engaged: Tereneh & Ryan


I love these people! Never have I seen such sweetness and sarcasm wrapped up in one couple! Ha! That’s the perfect recipe for a fun engagement shoot, in my opinion. We were lucky to have Martha for makeup, Ashley for hair, and Aurora for wardrobe and prop styling. Let me tell you.. Tereneh looked FLAWLESS! I kept saying “Do you feel pretty? Because you look gorgeous.” And “OHMYGOSH YOU’RE A GODDESS!” To which Ryan would usually reply “Thank You”.
Congratulations again Ta-nay-nay and Ryan! I can’t wait to see the way God blesses your marriage! Also- Thanks for letting me call you Ta-Nay-Nay… I promise someday I’ll learn how to pronounce Tereneh!

Ryan insisted they do the “wedding thing” while they drink their wine and it was hilarious watching him teach Tereneh! We were all laughing!
p.s. How flawless does Tereneh’s airbrushed face look? Martha, you are amazing!
Ashley you KILLED this hair style!! I could not stop taking pictures of her hair!!! You’re crazy good.
This photo of Tereneh holding her skirt has quickly become one of my favorite photos… ever. So effortlessly beautiful (with lots of effort by Aurora!)

MAKE UP- Martha Does Make Up
HAIR- Ashley Jael
STYLING- Aurora of Vilchis Squared
HEAD BAND- Love Sparkle Pretty

Dyllie & Andrew: Engaged and in love! Shhh…. we’re at a library!

First of all, if the innocent and playful love expressed in this engagement shoot doesn’t make your heart pitter patter, well, then… I suggest you do some soul searching! 😉  The first photo alone brings me so much joy! Who DOESN’T want a love like that?
Dyllie is an awesome electric guitarist and played in my husband Steve’s worship band while she was in High School. Her boo, Andrew,  also plays the guitar and they are so incredibly and utterly sugary sweet together! I think the best place to meet a guy is at church (I did!) and I think the same goes for meeting clients! Thankful Steve and I get to have relationships with our clients and see them on a weekly basis! It’s kind of a common factor with our couples… i’m just realizing that! Dang,  God is good!
oh p.s.
I wish you all could hear how much giggling went on during this shoot. 100% adorable!


                           HOP SCOTCH!

This next photo is your favorite photo, right Andrew? 😉 What a good sport!

Andy Warhol.

Andrew works at a library and I just could’t imagine a place more fitting to end our shoot! Oh, and I love how your eye gets drawn to Dyllie on the photo below!

Dyllie & Andrew!!!! Steve and I had such a fantastic time on this shoot and witnessing the way you two love! You’re gonna LOVE marriage! We’re so excited for you guys! Hope you feel beautiful when you look at these, Dyllie!