Bohemian Chic Maternity Photos /// Full of surprises!

Do you watch The Office? Well, you know how Pam went to the doctor because she hurt her ankle at the corporate volley game and while at the hospital she found out she was pregnant? Well… that kind of happened to Sabryna + Kevin! She had to get an antibiotic from a dentist visit and at the doctors office they were surprised with the best news of their life! THEY WERE PREGNANT!
How absolutely special. Enjoy their photos.. and the sweet surprise her husband did for her!
(styling and flowers by the lovely Brier Rose Design)
…..and then he surprised his wife with a love note and Tiffany & Co necklace.


A Desert Maternity: The Anderson’s are adding their 4th boy SOON!

Desert Maternity photo

Peter, Sarah, Cooper, Micah, and Owen are quickly becoming one of our favorites families. I knew them (back when they were just Peter & Sarah) when they lived in Kingsburg and are so happy that God brought them not only to the high desert but to OUR CHURCH. Peter is now on staff for the Apple Valley campus but works during the week in the same building as my husband. Now Sarah and I get to enjoy the staff wives events together and tuesdays with our incredible small group!
Peter and Sarah are an amazing example of parenting for Steve and I. Their 3 boys are each so unique, adorable, polite, and crazy in their own way.  We just love them. Sarah’s is due with their 4th baby boy IN ONE WEEK (she was 11 days away in the photos). We just can’t wait to meet him and witness all the love around him!

Since they just moved here last year I was determined to give them an authentic desert photo shoot. Here it is!


Kalie: A sweet and simple Maternity


My cousin is expecting her 3rd baby boy annnny day now! With her first child, Danny, we took her maternity photos 3 days before she gave birth!  We are wondering if she will have the baby 3 days from now to sort of keep up the tradition! I selfishly hope not because Steve and I will be in Seattle for the next 6 days! I’m sad to miss it but over joyed that we were able to find time to do these photos tonight… less than 14 hours from my flight leaving.
These photos are some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken of a woman. So feminine, breezy, airy, simple, and sweet.  And my cousin Kalie is a hot momma obviously!! I think probably 3% of pregnant women look as good as she does. No, maybe 2%.

My sweet cousin- I love you!! Thank you for bringing some of my favorite boys into the world! Whoa… tears… where did that come from? I think it just hit me that my best friend is moving to Tennessee in a few months! I know we’ve talked about it for awhile now, but dang, I’m gonna miss you cuzzo! I sort of want to start saying a bunch of sweet things right now so YOU start crying. Ha. I know your mom is already crying. No doubt about that! Well, I love ya you little weirdo. Enjoy your photos. xo

Maternity: Ashley & Andrew at Balboa Island


I’ve been blessed this year by “meeting” clients through email and just completely CLICKING! Ashley is completely one of those people! We emailed back and forth about our cats and dogs, outfits, family, and nail polish! I love that I get to girl talk for a living. Ha! Needless to say, I was excited to get to photograph her very first maternity and I’m excited to see photos of their precious baby girl Harper in August!
Since Ashley & Andrew decided on Balboa Island for their early Saturday morning shoot, Steve & I decided on making a mini vacation out of it! We stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Newport and had such a blast walking around the property! The swanky lounge had a book FULL of LIFE’s Best Photographs every taken and we flipped through that for awhile after I kicked Steves butt in a giant wooden tic tac toe game.  Wait, I forgot he reads these… he most definitely kicked MY butt. I can’t fool you guys. Sorry, Love! Anyway, we continued to explore and just completely enjoy ourselves and then later we ate P.F. Changs take out on our balcony over looking the parking lot like King & Queen. Haha!!

‘Nuff about us! Ashley & Andrew thank you for spending your morning walking around Balboa Island and looking pretty! Oh and especially thank you for that bottle of wine! Yum! Steve says it taste like honey and I completely agree! So sweet of you guys… Literally!!! Ok, I’ll stop. This post is verging on weird! I gotta let these photos redeem my weird description!

I love this little set below because Ashley said, “Andrew, pretend like I just said something REALLY funny!”
These folks sure do know how to be cheesy!! 
…. and then Andrew & Steve helped 2 little boys carry their boat into the water. It was so sweet! What a good example of gentlemen our men are!

We took the ferry over to the fun zone! 
I had to post the pole climber dude photo because it’s such a hilarious photo bomb and A&A look too cute!

Thanks again A&A! We’re excited to watch you 2 become parents!

Martha, Justin, and Baby Owen: A Brand New Family (Owen’s 1st day)

The most precious little boy was born into The Davenport family on February 3, 2012!
I was so blessed to be one of the first people Martha called when she was pregnant and we quickly scheduled and shot their “announcement” photos, then months later the maternity, then a month later the shower, and now OWEN HIMSELF! It’s been a beautiful ride.
Steve and I got to the hospital 2 hours after he was born and enjoyed Owen’s company for a couple hours on that Friday afternoon. He’s honestly the most darling and handsome little man… didn’t even hear a peep out of him! He had his momma and dada and that’s all he needed. Just a happy and calm baby boy with 10 fingers and 10 toes!
Spending these moments with the new family were priceless for us and I am SO HAPPY to have these photos.
Martha & Justin… you two are already incredible parents. Hearing Martha’s mom call you two “a good team” completely melted my heart and I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS. Oh, gosh, I’m crying again! OK, photos…. on to the photos!
Dad is exhausted!
Now if that doesn’t just melt your heart….
Steve and I waited in the cafeteria for a bit, so obviously he played Angry Birds.
Just absolutely and perfectly beautiful. I’m officially tearing up for the 1,000th time.

Owen will know what love is, that’s for sure.

A baby shower: Owen’s Winter Wonderland

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve also been following the progress of little Owen Davenport!
1st it was his announcement, then it was his mom & dad’s maternity shoot, and today his baby shower!

Martha & Justin… you guys are going to be such good parents. I can’t wait to meet your little one! (As if that isn’t the most obvious thing in the entire world!)

Gotta love when the “auntie to be” writes down the gift list on an iPad!

Me and Mama Martha!

Styled by – Brier Rose Design   and Jaquie Davenport

Black and white maternity: Martha & Justin

Owen Davenport already means so much to me and he’s not even born yet! His mom and dad, Martha & Justin, announced their pregnancy on my blog last June and being a part of that was EVERYTHING TO ME. I’m thrilled to be in their lives and an honorary auntie to Owen!
Our friendship has grown so much this last year with Martha expecting a son, me getting married, and going into business together. (Don’t tell me you forgot Martha is a fantasic make up artsit????)  I’m blessed by her wisdom and humor daily.

MJ- (can I call you guys MJ?) I am CRAZY THRILLED for you 2 to be parents! What a lucky little baby Owen is! Homeboy better not be camera shy! That’s all I gotta say.

Side note: I’ve been wanting to do an entire shoot in black and white for awhile now and MJ (haha.. ok, I won’t say that ever again) were totally down for it! When I asked Martha she said “YESS! I look better in black and white anyway!” Don’t we all…. Don’t we all… 😉

Intense belly grab for the win!

My favorite:

Beautiful mama!

Now is this a beautiful couple or WHAT!? This kid has some very good odds stacked in his favor!

“Christmas, my child, is love in action.  Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.
–Dale Evans”  


A few days ago I shared all my favorite wedding moments and photos in one post! TODAY I’m sharing…. well…. everything else! One mega post of all my favorite portraits: seniors, engagement, maternity, models, and families! Although I got into photography to shoot weddings and engagements, I have to admit that I had a BLAST this year with all the senior shoots! The girls I got to meet had the sweetest personalities and the greatest style and I loved every minute of their sessions!
The bottom of the post has MY VERY FAVORITE IMAGE OF 2011!!!! Who’s it gonna be?? Huh! Huh! Huh!?


Favorite accessories: (gold bow necklace by Mishka Piaf) 

Favorite Seniors:

Favorite Make-Up: (Thanks to Martha!)



Family/ Children:


Favorite hair: (thanks to Ashley Wheatley)

Favorite details: (Thanks to Ashley of Patterns on Walls)


Janine & Tim: maternity (and the most beautiful photo i’ve ever taken)

I just have to say real quick that I am getting married in exactly 1 week. Yes, one week from now I am marrying the hottest and sweetest God fearing man I’ve ever met. I’m so excited! But it doesn’t feel real. To those of you that are married- should we be feeling SOMETHING? Anything? I mean, we are extremely happy and excited… but our lives are changing forever in just 1 short week and every night we still just relax together on the couch and watch old Friends episodes or 30 Rock or something. Like no big deal! When will it hit us??? Haha…. ok, now for the purpose of this blog….

Janine,  Janine, Janine… wow! I very rarely do maternity shoots but… oh man… when a BEAUTIFUL woman like Janine gets pregnant you’re CRAZY if you don’t document it! I was so pleased that she trusted me 100% even though I took her and her husband, Tim, to one of the sketchiest neighborhoods I know for the shoot. (Do you guys think I’m super tough and cool now? No, not yet? Still need to try harder? Noted…) But we had SO MUCH FUN. Janine has such a fun and willing personality and it made the shoot, in my opinion, flawless. I can honestly say the most beautiful photograph i’ve EVER taken is in the post. Yeah, i know, it’s a big deal people!!! :)
Janine & Tim- i CANNOT WAIT to meet your little man and take newborn photos of him in your home. I really look forward to seeing you as your own little family. That kid is gonna be awesome… he has no choice. Great odds :)

You just have to love nonsense graffiti and funny mama!