kids gardening

How to Teach Children About Gardening

Children thrive outside. They consistently learn better when taught in the outdoors, and there is so much about the natural world that they need to learn and appreciate as they get older. Many are reconnecting with old roots and trying to engage with nature the way that our grandparents and ancestors did, especially those of us who grew up in sprawling urban environments where things like growing your own food fell out of fashion.


What Is The Most Efficient Way To Heat Your Home?

The first of October, otherwise known as ‘central heating day’, is when a lot of people will be switching on their heating for the first time since the summer, and it is fast approaching. Central heating is undoubtedly wonderful, but the bills that come with it can be less so!


eyelash extensions

4 Tips for Choosing Eyelash Extensions

Trends come and go and no-one can predict what’s around the corner. Sometimes, fashions stick around for long enough to be named. Whole decades can be known by one or two long-lived styles. Other times, what seems like a good idea one weekend is last season’s news within the month (think of the silver and gold beachwear phenomenon of 2008).


woman hair

Alopecia: 5 Key Facts You Should Know

What may surprise you is that alopecia is actually a very uncommon condition, and surprisingly few people in the world will every contract it. As a result, there is not nearly enough education on the condition, or what causes it. So, when people with alopecia are spotted on the streets, or in the supermarket, the natural assumption for many is that they have cancer. To help you better understand what alopecia is about, here are five key facts that you should definitely know.


child tantrum

Tips for Handling an out of control 3 year old

The ​“terrible 3’s” can be a tough time for parents. You’ve just got through the “terrible 2’s but your 3 year old boy is still throwing toys around, screaming, crying, waving his arms around and refusing to communicate with you. You might try to discipline in to no avail – he just carries on screaming! Don’t worry, this is a common phase that toddlers go through, so I’ve written some tips to help you and stop your boy crying.


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